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Chapter 30: Open your eyes

The day before the end of the month, when the military first received the news that their commander was back, Evan was a little surprised.

He remembered that his commanding officer had applied for a leave of one month, even using up his next year’s leave quota just to accompany the black-haired youth to the place called ‘ Earth ‘ …

They actually returned early?

When he was getting the ship ready for his commanding officer, Evan had already entered the identity of the ship, and the ship did not need to be checked by the Aiser’s safety net.

However, as an aide, he should still go to greet him and report to work to his post at the same time.

The landing point of the ship was in the familiar private mansion. Stepping into the mansion, Evan went towards the broad platform dedicated to docking ships.

Just in time, the ship had landed and the door of the ship opened up. The next second, Evan saw his commander coming out of the ship……


Swallowing the words that he had wanted to say back into his throat, the young lieutenant who had already held this position for many years looked at the ship and confirmed once more that there was still only the face of the cold and handsome silver officer. The youth was not there.

“Send out the troops to guard the Stargates leading to the Earth, anybody who gets close will be regarded as an enemy and be dealt with accordingly.”

“Understood.” Evan did not dare ask or even mention about the youth when he saw the pair of dark and icy pupils. In the pair of constricted pupils, he could not see a single trace of the previous warmth.

In the study, after finishing a recent report, Evan waited for the silver-haired officer seated to nod before leaving the mansion.

There was….a sort of feeling that was familiar yet at the same time, completely unfamiliar.

His commanding officer had no feelings, even as a relatively close aide, this was Evan’s true thoughts. That was until the accident that led them to have a chance meeting with the dark-haired youth of a weak race. Only then did he change his perception.

His commander was not without feelings, it was just that he only had feelings for a special person.

But now that person seemed to be gone.

Conveying his commander’s order was something Evan was extremely familiar with. Under the Royal guard’s execution, those planets that were connected to Earth were under strict surveillance, not allowing anybody to pass through to the Earth.

Evan was not sure what had happened to his commanding officer and the dark-haired youth on the blue planet outside the Stargate, but now it was definitely impossible to ask the only person who knows.

However, the next day he saw that the name which was originally at the top of the empire’s wanted list had been stricken off. The criminal’s status was recorded as having been ‘executed’ while the executor’s name was none other than his commander’s. Putting two and two together, Evan could almost guess what happened.

Thinking of how the heads of the other regiments in the army were still interested in the … person who perhaps should not be named, Evan felt a headache and had to personally send each one of them a reminder, lest they ignorantly stepped on a landmine.

In less than a month after this incident, the Empire welcomed a major event that affected the entire military force–

The ascension of a new king. The Heidis Empire welcomed their new emperor.

By right, if things went smoothly, the coronation would have been held only half a month later.

This time, the heir’s ascension to the throne was almost unanimously passed by the group of elders, which could be said to be an extremely rare case in the entire history of the empire.

Their new emperor very quickly demonstrated his capabilities as a ruler and in only five years after his accession, the Black Empire had completely unified the powers of all of its neighboring stars.

He would personally take part in every war. From the outside, the appearance of the Silver machine on the battlefield could even be described as a beautiful killing machine.

The residents of the Empire were never stingy with the tales of their new emperor.

The army was always triumphant and the military often did not suffer many casualties. On the army’s frontline position was a silver-haired officer whose face was cold and beautiful and had a pair of dark vertical pupils that did not have the slightest trace of warmth.

Although the Heidis’s appearance was very stunning and being in the highest position, few people dared to approach him. Too cold, it was an extreme kind of icy calmness.

Their Emperor had no feelings, this was almost unanimously recognized in the whole Empire. However……

Their emperor had done something that puzzled them.

In the process of unifying the neighboring galaxies, they discovered a new Planet on the other side of the Stargate. A blue planet of a lower civilization.

It was abundant with resources and terribly easy to conquer but when the army got ready to fight, their Emperor’s order was very strange and unexpected.


It was to protect, not capture.

For a moment, the various regiments, all except the Seventh regiment really wondered if they had heard wrong.

He had conquered every neighboring planet, yet have spared the blue inferior planet and even then, had unconditionally provided all kinds of assistance to help the planet develop…

How could there possibly be such a good thing in this world?

However, such an impossible incident really did happen before their eyes and their Emperor seemed particularly interested in this lower civilization to the extent that he would even deal with his daily affairs on that planet.

Since he liked that planet so much, why not just capture it? The Heidis did not understand their Emperor’s thoughts and only those who knew of the reason behind it would not divulge any information.

At this time in a house on the Blue Planet. The Heidis who had become the emperor of the Empire was not sitting on the throne of the highest power but was laying on a couch in this room, in the form of a domestic cat.

It was early in the morning and the sparse sunlight that spilled from the windowsill gently illuminated the living room.

This room could not be considered as big but it wasn’t small either. Now, with only the cat-like Heidis inside, it seemed a little empty.

The clothes that the youth had previously worn were piled up on the sofa and the cat-like Heidis was among that pile of clothes. A small head was poking out, seeming to be lying quietly.

In reality, after such a long time, the smell of the youth on these clothes had long dissipated. No matter how he surrounded himself with these clothes, the Heidis was still unable the find the familiar smell.

However, if he did not do this, the wait would become particularly unbearable.

Lowering his head, the Heidis stared at the ring around his neck for a long time, as if looking at an extremely precious treasure with great care.

He remembered after the youth said the three words ‘ Qiuqiu be good ‘, he had told him to open his eyes…

Open his eyes and look at him.

But at that time, his body had already been poisoned by the toxins and his hearing had severely weakened. He did not hear this sentence clearly.

It was because he had not been obedient enough and closed his eyes. So in the end when he opened his eyes again, he could not see the person he wanted to see most. No matter how he searched, it was like that person had vanished into thin air.


In this empty room, there was nobody to reply him. Lying quietly on the sofa in the living room, the Heidis’s narrowed pupils stared at the door.

He was very obedient… This time, he won’t close his eyes anymore.

End of Chapter 30

This translator has something to say:

Firstly I must apologise to those who believed that this arc was a HE but :”) life amirite

  • Before I translated this chapter, I read the entire chapter from the raws(I usually read as I translate along) and for some strange reason, I started sweating from my eyes. I was reading this at midnight so maybe I was getting too tired(I’m not crying, you are;-;;)/Can’t believe this arc is over. Image result for sad cat

^ My face as I was reading/translating this chapter

  • Next chapter will elaborate on what happened to GY but my heart broke for the poor cat</3
  • Next up, GY will be going into a historical setting w tons of difficult terms :’D Bless~
  • If you enjoy my translations, you can support this project here. All donations are greatly appreciated!!:D kofi2.png

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