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Chapter 31: Little dark room


The so-called ability to change the ‘Rules’, firstly required Gu Yan to have extremely strong desires and could be considered a superb ability. Only the creator of this world could have such a cheat ability with the ‘Rules’.

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Before attempting to forcefully change the ‘Rules’, Gu Yan first put the big cat in his arms on the sofa, took off the space ring which contained the silver armor that he had been wearing on his right hand and gently pushed it under the big cat’s paws.


Although the system had said that it cannot determine exactly what will happen, but with his writer’s instincts, Gu Yan felt that the consequences couldn’t be far from an equivalent exchange. In the worst case scenario, he would be expelled from the current world he was in.


Moreover the enemy had not yet been completely eliminated, he had to leave the Heidis a weapon to protect himself.


In this position, the Heidis will surely notice it when he wakes up.


“Be good.”


Omitting the two syllabus, ‘Qiuqiu’, Gu Yan knows that if he said these two words aloud, the big cat would definitely try to open his eyes.


But that pair of pupils…Had already completely lost its sight.


Now the cat-like Heidis laid on the couch, as if in deep sleep.


You will get better.


Repeating this sentence in his heart over again, for the first time, Gu Yan could clearly feel the presence of a formless existence. It held no malice towards him and instead seemed extremely close.


This was the ‘Rules’.


“So this is…”


Gu Yan just want to ask his own system if this was all but before he could finish, the system’s mechanical voice already beeped and sounded without warning: [Initializing transfer, Counting down 3, 2 …]


At the last second of the countdown, the big cat lying on the couch finally moved a little and opened his eyes.


Below his claws was the space ring which he had given to the youth before. The Heidis glanced at it before he got up and looked around.




He was gone. Where was the person who had had just been holding him?


A mere three seconds was not enough for Gu Yan to react and just like the last time, he was still feeling slightly dizzy.




It was already too late to stop, Gu Yan could only watch as he used a ruler to whip the hands of a dark-haired child. Earlier, he had used a lot of force and a red mark quickly appeared.


Even if he did not have the five basic principles[1], Gu Yan still thinks he at the very least, has three. He had always been more patient and tolerant towards children, things like child abuse were completely out of his bottom line.


“This disciple did not do it.”


The child’s hands were still raised with his palm wide open. His head was lowered while his voice sounded like he was forcefully suppressing his emotions. He clearly did not do it but why was it that his shifu[2] only listened to others and then indiscriminately determined that it was his fault?


Shifu didn’t even listen to his explanation at all.


Controlling his expression and facing the lowered head of the child in front of him, Gu Yan momentarily did not know how to react.


This part of the story …


Compared to ordinary people, Gu Yan with his excellent memory could clearly remember the plot of his own novels and quickly determined his current position.


As much as he did not want to admit, Gu Yan found that he was indeed a cannon fodder once again and particularly one that died in an especially miserable way.


This was the world of a xianxia[3] novel he had written and the black-haired teenager in front of him was exactly this world’s ultimate villain boss. Gu Yan remembered that he had arranged a particularly miserable path for this child. He would be framed, despised and treated coldly by everybody…


Or he can be said to lead a life of abuse. His original vindictive[4] character setting would make it sure that after the child grew up, he would be completely blackened[5].


Leading the Demon clan and the Undead troops, he did not let off the entire cultivation realm and slaughtered his whole clan. Gu Yan had now crossed over into the body of a cannon fodder and his current identity was the shifu of this dark-haired youth.


To say that the villain boss blackened to such an extent, it was mainly because this shifu had played a big part in the entire blackening process.


According to the plot’s development, when this child grows up, the first person he will choose to take revenge on will also be his master … He would first pierce both his eyes and then let people throw him into the abyss. The abyss of the underworld was where the lowest level monsters resided.


These low-level monsters do not possess a single shred of intelligence. However, once a cultivator falls into their territory, it is like a big piece of meat falling from the sky.


Due to having cultivated for a long time, his cultivation was not low and having attained the strong physique of an immortal, this cannon fodder will not be able to die immediately despite being surrounded by a horde of demon beasts.


When the villain boss finally decided that he had watched enough and it was time to wrap things up, the villain who had finally grown up will drag this master of his out of the abyss before chopping off all his fingers and toes with a dagger, one by one.


However, because of his immortal like physique and having reached the Nascent Soul[6] stage, these body parts will grow back once more even after his bones had been scraped.


After a full month of torture, the villain boss who was finally ‘ tired of playing ‘, would then destroy his master’s cultivation before throwing him back into the abyss of the underworld to fend for himself.


His Nascent soul cultivation was destroyed. The ending of this cannon fodder who had turned into an ordinary person can be imagined.


Gu Yan: “…”. He was now this cannon fodder.


In the eyes of the dark-haired child, his shifu’s silence was representative of another meaning.

Raising his head, he looked at the cultivator dressed completely in white robes who was merely standing there with a cold expression on his handsome face. On this face, he never saw any other feelings.


Just like how this man despises him, the young but matured child also had little affection for his master, to the point where …


There was even hatred. However, he was currently not strong enough. Originally, he had wanted to repeat the sentence “this disciple did not do it”, but just as he looked up, there seemed to be something that suddenly melted away all the malice in his heart.


This feeling was so strange that he could not say a word.


Being watched by the pair of dark pupils, Gu Yan felt an explicable sense of familiarity, but it was also difficult to say why it was familiar. Recalling his cannon fodder character setting, Gu Yan chose to first control his facial expression, putting on a cold and aloof attitude.


Fortunately, he had a case of mild facial paralysis, so this was not very difficult.


“Go back and carefully reflect on your mistakes.” With a cold tone, the beautiful cultivator flicked his sleeves and turn around, obviously not wanting to say anything more.


The script was currently at where the dark-haired child had just been framed by his own clan’s disciples for stealing a spirit stone. Moreover, these disciples were not just one, but eight of them colluding together.


In the first place, the original soul of this body did not like his disciple very much and thus, under such circumstances, this cannon fodder did not bother to investigate, easily believing the lies of the group of disciples who had colluded together. Earlier on, he had used the ruler because of this.


If the plot continues to develop in this direction, then following the script, he would be sending this child to the sect’s dark punishment room.


The dark punishment room was in fact merely a small dark room. This cannon fodder also knows how to give this disciple a bigu pill[7] before shutting him for a whole month.


In the first place, it was cruel enough to shut a child in a small and dark room. However, at this time the child coincidentally awakened his demon beast bloodline. At this tender age, he was still a cub. After the awakening, his mind would become even more ignorant, like that of a child …


Imagine if a newborn cub were to be shut in a small and dark room for a full month, it would be strange if something didn’t go wrong. Realistically speaking, the blackening of this villain was not unreasonable


Firstly, ignoring how much this act of his was courting death, Gu Yan would never have committed such an atrocious act of abusing a child. From the author’s point of view, Gu Yan knows that the other side was really wronged, but he also could not destroy his character’s image to comfort this child. The only thing he could do was to let the other person return to his room to rest.


Then he quickly sent someone to find out the truth in order to give the child justice.


“Shifu… ” Seeing the youth flick his sleeves and turn around, Jiang Tan looked at the retreating figure. For some reason, his chest felt stuffy.


For no reason, he suddenly felt that it would be extremely unbearable if the youth were to hate him.

End of Chapter 31


T/n:[1] The five basic principles五好青年 refers to Good learning, good thinking, good work, good discipline, good style. Read more about this here:

[2] Shifu: Master. In cultivation stories, most cultivators will have a shifu(master) to guide them, sort of like a teacher/mentor.

[3]Xianxia修仙文: Cultivation and immortality novels

[4] 睚眦必报/vindictive: Strong desire for revenge

[5] Blacken: Turn completely evil

[6] Just a cultivation stage( I’m assuming it’s pretty darn high)

[7] Bigu pill: main components: peanuts, chestt kernels, walnuts, jujube, Chinese wolfberry, yam, Atractylodes, Huang and other drugs. Read more about this here:

T/n: So it seems that this arc is about master x disciple, the growing up trope(i dig it very much). Jiang Tan is the name of our little disciple.

So a couple of days I posted about the newest novel I would be translating and I realized I might have made too hasty of a decision. This novel (by the same author) is extremely similar to this one. I’ve decided that I would like to try something different so I would like to invite you guys to give me suggestions on what novel I should translate next hmm.

I will read through the summary and a few chapters before deciding then translate the summary of the top few and let you guys choose. Of course, the summary of Cub Raising Association will be included and if you’re interested, you can read about this here. I’ll leave cub raising in one of the few choices you guys can vote for so do share with me what you think!

Like I said before, TPWSTKMFFMI will still be my first priority~ Click for my latest post regarding Cub Raising Association and the latest novel I will be translating next: here

Also, I’ve set a new goal for my kofi!! Every 100% reached, I will post a full additional chapter on here(no password, its free for all! this is in addition to my normal update schedule~~) so show your support here~~kofi2.png (^^)

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