TPWSTKMFFMI Chapter 39.2

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Chapter 39.2


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He naturally knew the refining method, after all, this novel was something he wrote himself. However, there were some materials that were more difficult to find and required him to make a trip to the hidden realm of Tibet.


The name of the hidden realm was called the Tibetan Sea, but this does not mean it was related to water. It was in fact, located northwest of a peak called the ‘Sky Dome’. The reason why it was named so was because these mountain peaks extended straight into the clouds, as far as the naked eye could see, as if connected to the sky.


The Tibetan Sea hidden realm was one of the most dangerous places on the mountain, only opening once every ten years and only opened for two days each time.


The cultivators who have entered the hidden realm of the Tibetan Sea knows that the place contained countless precious treasures. Encountering them was up to luck, whether or not they were able to obtain it completely depended on their own skills. Even if one’s luck was bad and was unable to find any precious treasure, just staying in the hidden realm for three days will also bring them great benefit. The spiritual energy in the hidden realm was dozens of times more abundant than the outside and was thus, a great help for cultivators to breakthrough


There were restrictions on the number of people entering the hidden realm and of course, cultivators with higher level would get greater priorities. Those from the smaller sects could only watch and be envious of the others.


Gu Yan was recently summoned by the master of the peak. Together with the other four peak masters, they discussed matters concerning the Tibetan Sea Hidden Realm.


There were a total of three locations, one was for the Master while the remaining two would be for the chief disciples in the sect. To ensure fairness, the candidates were chosen by lottery.


There was a twenty percent chance, Gu Yan feels that his chances were still very high.


Although he did not write about this year’s Tibetan Sea Hidden realm adventure, he had written the part where Shen Yan entered the secret land ten years later, where his cultivation level increased rapidly and obtained numerous precious treasures. Towards the settings of this hidden realm, Gu Yan could not be any clearer.


“When you cultivate to the Heart Stabilizing stage, your master will give you a gift.” Brushing its fur, Gu Yan told the small ball lying in his lap.


If he did not manage to get this chance, he would then go to the city’s auction house to spend his fortune or release word for the search of the materials he needed. As long as he was willing to spend a fortune, it was possible to get those materials.


“Meow.” Arching towards the youth, this young Taotie cub lifted its head, its light vertical pupil reflected the image of the youth’s face in them. It was not happy because of the gift but because the person who was giving the gift was the youth, so it feels very happy.


“Qiuqiu, be good.” The back of his hand was rubbed by a tail, Gu Yan’s eyebrows arched.


This small ball was so well-behaved and easy to raise, he could no longer relate the small ball with its “blackening” anymore. The scenario where he would lead the demons and beasts to slaughter through the cultivation realm was unlikely to happen now.


So far, Gu Yan has always felt that the process of raising this Taotie cub was very smooth. His relationship with the world’s protagonist had also progressed smoothly, he believes that he can soon obtain the necessary items from the other person.


If things continued to go smoothly, the future will indeed be as Gu Yan thought. But the reality was that change comes without warning, right in the hidden realm.


The lot-drawing process was done in the open, on the Wen Yun platform


Hearing the head read out his name, Gu Yan continued to remain expressionless as he looking towards the middle-aged cultivator and nodded.


Gu Yan certainly did not give this cannon fodder his own name, but the ‘Rules’ of this world had long made the corresponding changes just as he traveled to this world.


For example, when speaking of the peak master of the Sky peak, other people would think of the name ‘Gu Yan’.


After learning of the ‘Rules’ favour from the system in the last world, he did not know if, in this world, he could be considered as being favoured by the Heaven. Anyway, ever since he crossed over, Gu Yan had not experienced anything like a bottleneck. Perhaps this time when he was chosen to enter the hidden realm was also because of this favour?


Gu Yan casually thought about it. However, if 037 was not in hibernation, it would probably come out and give him a positive answer.


Gu Yan wanted to enter the Tibetan sea hidden realm. Apart from wanting to look for a few of those special refining materials, the other reason was also so his own system could recover earlier.


The hidden realm was saturated with spiritual energy which the system can absorb


When the time came for the selection of the disciples, the first name to be read was “Xie Yu”. There were no problems and Gu Yan did not care.


Everyone would be randomly transported the moment they entered the secret realm. The hidden realm was very vast, after being randomly transported in, wanting to meet with somebody from the same sect was very difficult unless one’s luck was very good.


So there was basically no need to take care of one another because they would not even have the chance to meet.


However, in the next second, Gu Yan cannot help but freeze.


“Jiang Tan.”


The cultivator on the stage just read out this name when the crowd below fell into commotion.


At this moment, Gu Yan suddenly realized that they had originally said that only chief disciples would get this chance but later changed the rules to increase the chances and give some other more gifted disciple within the sect this opportunity. The lottery this time included ‘those that have reached the mid-stage of the fusion realm.’


His apprentice did indeed fulfill these requirements.


End of chapter 39


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