TPWSTKMFFMI Chapter 42.1

Translator: Kerillian

Editor: Vivi 🙂

Chapter 42.1



As such, every sect present cannot leave. Zhong Xuan sect’s few prominent elder figures stepped out and directly declared that Ye Yuan‘s death will be thoroughly investigated.

The people present at the scene heard this and instantly understood what it meant. If Zhong Xuan sect was only a small sect whose reputation can be ignored, they can still overlook this, however, the other party involved was one of the best martial sects in the cultivation world, some face still has to be given.

Ye Yuan was the sect head’s only daughter. Before entering, she had naturally brought a variety of protective talisman on her. Moreover, this was not the first time the hidden realm had opened but this sort of situation where a person has died had never happened before…

In the cultivation realm, this “murdering for loot” situation was not rare at all, in fact, it can be said to have always existed. The people from the Zhong Xuan sect will now suspect other people who also entered the Hidden Realm, from a certain aspect this is quite natural.

Those who did not have a guilty conscience were naturally unafraid when they heard that the people of the Zhong Xuan sect wanted to carry out a spirit summoning. Setting up this kind of array may take some time but they can afford to wait.

At this moment…

“Hm?” Feeling a tug, Gu Yan looked down and made a questioning hum towards the black-haired child pulling at his sleeve.

After more than six months, the Taotie cub that he had raised can be said to have grown a little and was not as thin as when they first met, his chin finally had a little more meat.


The youth looked at him as if in deep thought and suddenly raised his hand, the beautiful and slender fingers touched his lower jaw. Jiang Tan lowered his gaze, apart from when he murmured the two words, he was just quietly standing still.

The feeling was not bad, no longer as skinny as before. Not holding back when touching his lower jaw, just as Gu Yan gave a light pinch, he heard the other person calling him.

Unfortunately, it was too late to stop, he was met with a pair of ink-black eyes that seemed to darken a tad. Gu Yan hummed, pretended that there was nothing wrong and continued to pinch his jaw a few more times.

Afterward, Gu Yan saw the small figure lower his gaze again, still standing motionless but his earlobes were flushed.

The Qiuqiu of this world was very fun to tease, this thought surfaced in his mind very quickly. Or perhaps it was because of their identities, teacher and disciple or something…….

However, Gu Yan did not have any thoughts about the young figure currently in front of him, he just wanted to take care of this little cub. There is no way to tell what will happen in the future, they could only wait until the time comes.

In this aspect, continuing their teacher and disciple relationship wasn’t a bad idea.

At this point, that was what he was thinking. However, when the so-called ‘time’ finally arrives, Gu Yan will realize just how naïve he had been. This was not something that can be continued just because he wanted it to.

Because of this situation, Jiang Tan was momentarily unable to give the present that was originally intended to be gifted to the youth in front of him. Relaxing his grip on the spirit sealing bottle in his hand, he inadvertently revealed a small part of the bottle.

As for the elders of the sect, from the moment they said they wanted to carry out the spirit summoning, some people already began to pay discrete attention to their surroundings. When they caught a glimpse of the item in Jiang Tan’s hand, a look of greed flashed through their eyes.

With several elders cooperating, the Spirit Communication Array was finished in just two hours.

In the cultivation world, there was a common saying, kill the small, comes the big[1]. This Spirit Communication Array was the reason why. It can call forth the spirit of a dead person and inquire about the cause of death as long as their soul was still relatively intact.

While they were still chanting an incantation and activating the array over there, Gu Yan waited at the gathering location of his own sect, his hand was still lightly placed on the top of his disciple’s head who was beside him. Thinking about how he had him earlier on, Gu Yan now stroked his head, as if petting the young cub.

Suddenly the surrounding temperature dropped, becoming much colder than before. Gu Yan shifted his line of sight to the array, the soul which was summoned was unable to solidify to a human form at all.

It was a remnant soul[2] and an extremely vengeful one too. The dominant consciousness of the original soul was not there, its three spiritual and seven physical souls that remained were fragmented.

The original soul was already destroyed, otherwise, even when the fragmented three spiritual and seven physical souls were able to be summoned, it was impossible for the original soul to not appear. Basically, this confirmed that it was the work of a cultivator. The murderer had also split Ye Yuan’s soul after killing her, although the method used was unknown.

The elders of Zhong Xuan sect were obviously aware of this, their facial expressions were extremely ugly. It had not happened under their noses but merely a space apart, their own sect’s disciple had encountered such a thing, how could their facial expressions be good.
The soul was already fragmented to such an extent, wanting to ask about the cause of death was impossible. Just when the situation came to a deadlock, the remnant soul which looked like a distorted cloud suddenly moved.

“……”  Pulling the child behind himself and shielding him, Gu Yan maintained a calm expression and faced the remnant soul in front of him.

The pressure from the youth made the remnant soul unable to approach its target yet it was unwilling to leave, thus, a stalemate was born.

The target of this remnant soul was obviously the one who was pulled behind by the youth, anybody could tell as long as they were not blind. The spectators watching were not afraid of the situation getting uglier, all the other sects besides Guan Lan sect and Zhong Xuan sect were now quietly watching the development of the situation.

“We are expecting your distinguished sect to give us an explanation.” An elder with the highest rank in the Zhong Xuan sect walked over with the rest of his people, his tone was very discourteous and his complexion was also ugly.

There was no way to ask the remnant soul about the cause, but now that this wisp of remnant soul was actively approaching a person who was otherwise unrelated and even refused to leave………

In the presence of so many people yet it deliberately only headed towards a single person, as long as one thought about it, how could they not figure out the reason?

[1]杀了小的,来了老的: kill the small and comes the big, basically the seniors will help their disciple

[2]残魂: remnant soul: the scattered, lingering pieces of soul(usually vengeful) of the dead person

T/n: Hurrayy~ I have a new translator with me now, if you haven’t already notice^^


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