TPWSTKMFFMI Chapter 44.2

Translator: Vivi from dummytranslations

Editor: Vivi 🙂

Chapter 44.2



Gu Yan was unaware that the heart of the child in front of him had already blackened to such an extent because this child was completely obedient when it came to him. As long as Gu Yan wanted him to do something, he will comply immediately without saying another word.


In the short span of a few months, the recovery of his body was limited. Standing too long will cause Gu Yan to feel his legs going weak and be unable to support himself. Sitting back in the wheelchair, Gu Yan took out a spacial bag and gave it to Jiang Tan.


“The materials needed for refining are inside this bag.” He was unable to refine it without his cultivation but Gu Yan believes in his own disciple’s abilities. He would guide him verbally from the side.


Jiang Tan nodded his head quickly. If his master wanted him to learn something, he will learn it. Realistically speaking, if there was anybody in this world who can make this young cub become obedient, there was only one person– and that was the youth in front of his eyes.


With this spiritual tool, he was able to cover up his cultivation level. Jiang Tan’s stunning cultivation speed was no longer detected by anyone. However, the cultivation level he used to fool others was already shocking enough. A disciple with a pseudo-spiritual root had a cultivation speed almost equal to the chief disciples with single or double spiritual roots, how could it not be astonishing?


With the sect’s orders, some things quickly settled down and were no longer spoken of. When nobody talked about it, it will quickly be forgotten.


In a blink of an eye, six years had flown by. The young disciple who seemed to be merely in the late stage of the spiritual silence realm in front of others had in fact already reached the Nascent soul realm. This sort of cultivation speed was something that even Gu Yan’s original body was never able to achieve.


Jiang Tan can feel that he was about to reach adulthood. This was similar to the bottleneck that cultivators would encounter before they make a breakthrough except his bottleneck was time.


A Taotie beast in its period of youth and one in its adulthood were two completely different entities. He was now only at the Nascent soul realm but as long as he reaches adulthood, the limit of cultivators cannot be used to measure his prowess.


Things that are suppressed will easily be forgotten, but for Jiang Tan, he remembers it every single day. This debt had to be paid in full. Every time he remembers that incident, his eyes would become even colder and darker, as if filled with deep malice.


Soon he would be able to…




His back was suddenly stroked, the beast who was no longer a small kitten, but a big cat suddenly mewed lowly towards the person who had touched him. The shiny silver coat of the beast looked extremely beautiful.


In reality, his actual size was much larger than this. However, if he took on that form, he would not be able to lie on the youth’s legs just like now. He would directly overwhelm the youth with his size.


“Its Hai-shi[1] already.” Gu Yan reminded the big cat that was on his lap.

[1] Hai-shi is between 9-11pm(2100-2300)

Resting through the night, Gu Yan knows how much hard work his disciple put into his daily cultivation… Even to the point of tormenting himself. Gu Yan wanted him to rest a little bit more.


If the other person wanted to squeeze into bed with him in his current form, Gu Yan would not mind. With this thought in mind, he picked up the big cat from his lap and carried him to the bed as he lay down.


After drinking a bowl of medicinal soup, this sort of medicine will induce drowsiness upon consuming it. Now, the big cat lying on his bed was very quiet. After Gu Yan laid down, the drowsiness of the medicine quickly lulled him to sleep.


The quilt was not properly pulled… Carefully going around the area where the youth was lying, the silver tiger cat leaped from the bed and landed onto the ground as it restored its adult human form.


He no longer had the appearance of a child as in the past. At this time, a young man was standing next to the bed, his handsome features had developed properly over time. With lowered eyebrows, the face of the man was now more suitable to be described as breathtaking.


Pulling the quilt up, he then carefully tucked the youth in. Afterward, Jiang Tan quietly gazed at the youth who had fallen asleep on the bed. After destroying his cultivation, he no longer had any spiritual energy, his alertness was also significantly reduced, otherwise, his movements would have already woken the other person.


Even while asleep, the youth’s expression still remained unchanged. Jiang Tan stared intently with unwavering eyes, his gaze was as if he was looking at his most precious treasure.


Unable to restrain his impulse, he reached out a hand to touching the youth’s eyebrows and knowing that he would not wake up, Jiang Tan silently let go of this hesitation.


His Master was extremely beautiful. Over the years, this thought had sprouted in his heart more than once.


Losing himself in thought, his fingertips suddenly touched something soft and cool. Realizing what it was, his fingers lightly trembled and then as if he had been burnt, he quickly retracted his hand.


In the darkness, a pair of eyes continued to stare fixedly on the unknowing youth. The more he watched, the more a certain hidden and unspeakable thought emerged in his heart, like a spell.


“Master…” Whispering softly, the handsome youth leaned forward. The pair of pupils that were originally human narrowed into thin slits. Slowly, he gently pressed his thin lips against the youth’s lips.


End of Chapter 44(technically)

Author’s notes: (Kinda long but painful to translate so read it anyway yeah)<3


The author has something to say:


This is probably the 99th most long-winded author’s notes.  It is mainly to answer the questions in the comments _(:з」∠)_


Why was the plot development like this and not just directly massacring everyone…


Current world cultivator’s rank are as follows: Foundation Establishment →  Fusion Stage → Hear stabilizing stage → spiritual silence stage→ Nascent soul stage→core formation stage → demigod stage → Immortalization → Ascension  


   First of all, it was mentioned before that for many years, no one has been able to ascend to the immortal stage. There are few cultivators in the immortalization stage, only large prominent sects will have one or two of such elders. Those in the demigod stage are not too little. In terms of ability, it is not to the extent that one person can single-handedly annihilate an entire sect.


   Gu Yan is very talented. When he was very young, he already achieved this cultivation level(demigod)


   The point is [they had to follow reasoning] and the Zhong Xuan Sect’s act of putting the blame on Jiang Tan is a given and Gu Yan’s action will not just concern himself but will inevitably affect the entire sect. He might start a war between the two sects. Gu Yan cannot simply disregard the people in his sect either.


  If a war broke out and Guan Lan Sect disregarded basic reasoning, they will completely throw away whatever reputation they had.


   In short, this novel is really not about seeking abuse, the point was that what must be experienced will be experienced. It is also a turning point for the follow-up story_(:з」∠)_


   Many things have a cause and effect(reason), such as…not sure if anybody have any questions after reading this story regarding one thing and that is how in the original story, how did Jiang Tan survive without this Master to take this punishment on his behalf.


   The conditions for entering the hidden realm was ‘disciples whose cultivation level was above xx’ and in the original story, there was no Gu Yan who fed the cub with those spiritual stones like he did not want money. Hence, this condition was not met.


  It’s been a long note, thanks for reading.

End of Chapter 44

[1] Ancient/cultivation novels often use timing in hours of two. For reference:

T/n: Uni is gona start soon, not sure how long more I can do these special extra releases afterwards. Maybe my translation speed might slow down too and be prepared for longer update time (T_T)

Heres a kitty kiss for you guys<3


Also, looks like QQ is starting to gain awareness… who’s ready for some action in the next chapter 😀

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  2. Oh? If our MC is really pretty (and not just in the ML’s eyes) and he’s defenseless now, I wonder if there will be a hero saving the beauty situation :3

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  3. Okay, so I went on spoiled myself with a convert of this series in Vietnamese(impatient me D:) . All I had to say, I cried at the end. It was beautiful with this adorable couple (QQ & Gu Yan). I am just wondering. Will you considered translate the one with MC being the teacher in childcare novel? That one is all about fluff and fluff.

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  5. The long author’s note was probably written because of the reader’s comments at that time. The first arc already ended extremely tragically. “Abuse” in this context meant abusing the readers by making them suffer from having to read tragic endings. Poor MC getting crippled is a bit much. Honestly, if I hadn’t read the spoilers I would think twice about reading.

    Thanks for the chapter.

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  6. “Things that are suppressed will easily be forgotten, but for Jiang Tan, he remembers it every single day. This debt had to be paid in full. Every time he remembers that incident, his eyes would become even colder and darker, as if filled with deep malice.Soon he would be able to…
    His back was suddenly stroked” … & out the window went everything else… Evil mastermind to purring cat we go! 😂🤣😂 It’s the middle of the night in a quiet neighborhood, the weather is hot so the windows are open, it is a good thing I do not laugh loudly or I would have woken everyone… I love how he adapted his body, like in the first arc, just to be petted & to stick to his beloved master! Oblivious master I should say: “Oh sleep in the same bad, no problem, as long as you’re in cat shape”… Only blame yourself for getting your tofu eaten!

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