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Chapter 46


He was suddenly pressed down onto the bed by his own disciple and felt his neck being kissed by the other person. Gu Yan was completely stunned.


The warm and soft touch on the side of his neck could not be ignored. When he finally reacted, Gu Yan struggled in reflex but was immediately firmly suppressed by the person on top of him.


The man who was kissing him and would even occasionally use a little more force to leave a mark on his neck tilted his head upwards, the pair of narrowed pupils fixed on his face.


“This disciple wants Master.” Driven by his instincts, the young man who had pressed the youth under his body honestly and straightforwardly confessed his desire.


If he were conscious, Jiang Tan would never say this sort of things. However, all his inner desires were directly magnified in the midst of his breakthrough…


He said he ‘wants’ his master, this was the deepest and most intense ** he had buried in his heart.


If only this person was completely his…


The greedy ** overwhelmed him and Jiang Tan’s eyes that were watching the youth under his body gradually darkened. He instinctively obeyed this **. Covering the youth’s lips with his own, he repeatedly kissed and bit him… sucking on his lips until the pale lips became bright red.


Desire. Shying away from the person who was kissing him, he looked at the handsome face that had matured over the years and saw the pair of vertical pupils that was clearly filled with desire towards him. Gu Yan finally realized at this time… the other person had already grown up.


At the same time, he also realized that there was something wrong with him. Jiang Tan’s consciousness was there but his body seemed to have been taken over by instincts.


“This disciple wants Master.”He had already pushed him down and kissed him. Jiang Tan lowered his head closer to the youth’s ear and sucked on his earlobe, repeating this sentence in a low voice. However, it sounded more like a plea.


Everything had already been done once before he even asked, Gu Yan was speechless.


In the last world, the two of them had already engaged in the most intimate activities. However, in the past, this person had not yet grown up and Gu Yan certainly would not have any ideas in that regard.


He had originally thought, when this world’s Qiuqiu grows up, he might not necessarily like him like in the last world.


“Qiuqiu, be good.” From the pair of vertical pupils that were firmly locked on him, he could clearly see his intense feelings and lust in them. Relaxing his body, Gu Yan took the initiative to approach him, gently pressing a kiss on the owner of this pair of eyes.


There was nothing to reject.


This made Jiang Tan stunned as if he did not expect to receive such a response. Forcefully suppressing most of his animal instincts, Jiang Tan then kissed the youth’s lips again, carefully watching his reaction.


There was no rejection, just like in his dream, the youth allowed him to do this kind of rash things and even give him his approval…


Unable to control it any longer and greedily wanting more, Jiang Tan completely submitted to his own instinct.


(Um… the river crab crawls by…)[1]


After being tossed about and tortured for a long time, when Gu Yan woke up the next day and tried to move, a certain sensitive part in his body that had been rubbed until it was numb cause him to freeze.


Gu Yan: “…”


At this moment, his waist was still stiff and sore, the person lying next to him opened his eyes. They were no longer narrow slits, Jiang Tan’s eyes had returned to normal.


The greedy ** had been completely satisfied and plus the youth next to him was the one who made him completely lower his guard, so he did not notice Gu Yan waking up until he had moved.


“…Master.” His ** was still buried in the youth, being tightly squeezed. At this point, he was completely awake and his lower body had gone stiff. Lowering his eyes, Jiang Tan was a little afraid of seeing the youth’s expression.


Yesterday…After doing that sort of things to his master in the heat of the moment, he also said a lot of things.


With a vivid memory of yesterday’s affairs, he could now feel that his extraordinary strength was no longer within the limits of human cultivation levels. Jiang Tan quickly realized that this was the reason why he had been unable to suppress his desire yesterday.


However, this could not be considered an excuse. He had done this kind of thing to the youth simply because a part of him had always wanted to do so.


Currently, he was in a dilemma whether or not he should move. Gu Yan watched as the young man whose arms were circled around his waist carefully retract his hand and slightly lowered his head. His frowning appearance seemed like a child who had been caught doing something wrong and was facing his parents…


Last night, he had tossed him about and even said those kinds of words to him. Now, he was suddenly so docile and obedient. Although he realized that there was something wrong with other person yesterday and could also guess that he was making a breakthrough, Gu Yan still did not know whether to laugh or be angry.


However, he could not be truly angry, after all, he had agreed yesterday. It was just that he had been tossed about and tormented beyond the point of exhaustion.




Hearing this, Jiang Tan remembered that when his Master had given him his consent yesterday, he had also responded like this.


Yesterday, when he said he ‘wanted’ him, he also did not refuse. Now, he also did not rebuke him……


In the first place, his ** was buried in the youth’s body and was at a loss for what to do. Now, he gingerly stretched his hands out to hug the youth’s waist. Seeing as he did not resist, Jiang Tan’s eyes lit up as he snuggled closer and carefully kissed the corner of the youth’s lips.


Upon reaching adulthood, the greedy nature of his race will become more prominent, such as his possessiveness towards the youth in front of him.


His lower body’s  ** gradually showed signs of standing up but if he continued to move, it will seem like he was excessively pushing his luck. Losing the battle in his heart, Jiang Tan slowly withdrew the ** that was still buried in the youth.


“Ah…” Having his sensitive spot rubbed, a sweet pleasure ran up Gu Yan spine. Unable to contain his voice, a husky moan escaped from between his lips. 


This sound made Jiang Tan’s eyes narrow dangerously into vertical slits. Tightening the arms around the youth’s waist, he gradually regained his calm.


Jiang Tan remembered having helped the youth clean up his body after completely satisfying his lust but he could not resist the feeling of being wrapped by that kind of warmth and tightness. After cleaning up, he buried his ** back in and finally woke up today.


Being controlled by his instincts in the process of breaking through, he had done the kind of thing that he would never dare to do when he was fully awake.


When the both of them finally put their clothes on, Gu Yan helplessly raised his hand to touch his neck. He did not have to look into the bronze mirror to know that it was probably left with all kinds of markings. Thankfully, it was not too difficult to cover them.


“Meow.” After doing something bad, the adult Taotie beast had changed back into his big cat form just as in the last world. Snuggling closer to the youth, it directly laid on Gu Yan’s body.


He had persistently left various traces on the youth’s neck yesterday because he felt that the bright red marks on his pale neck seemed extraordinarily beautiful.


Gu Yan also discovered this similarity In the last world. Every time the Heidis pressed him down, when the next day came, he would turn into a cat and come up to lick him.


His fingertips suddenly felt wet and the big cat was now burrowing itself on his lap. Arching into his arms, it looked up and continued to lick his fingers.


Having made a successful breakthrough, this Taotie beast could be said to have already reached adulthood in terms of power. Gu Yan stroked the back of the big cat that was purring softly and quickly recited a spell to remove an object from the spacial bag that was in his hands and gave it to the other person.


As long as the correct incantation was chanted, even ordinary people can use this spacial bag. The item that Gu Yan took out from the space bag was something that he had prepared as early as a year ago. It was the Vatican Lotus he had obtained from Shen Yan.


“This thing can help you complete your bloodline because it can only take effect after you reach adulthood, so your Master…” Gu Yan had not finished speaking when his hands were already empty. The big cat which had been lying quietly on his lap suddenly took the flower and threw it back into the space bag that had not yet been closed.


Lifting its front paws to press the hand that had just touched the ink-black lotus, the big cat stared at the youth’s hand with narrowed eyes and carefully examined for any injuries.


That thing carried a similar type of power as him. Being exposed to that sort of destructive power will have adverse effects.                                                                                   

                                                                                                                                                                     His palm was gently licked. The entire process happened very quickly, Gu Yan was slightly stunned but recovered quickly.


“It will only become a threat if you hold it for a long time.” Compared to completing his bloodline, the big cat on his lap was obviously more concerned for him. It was impossible to say that his heart was not moved. Gu Yan softened his voice and stretched out a hand to rub the jaws of this big cat.


Even though he said that, Gu Yan still heard the other party growling lowly, clearly not agreeing with what he said.


Thinking about it, Gu Yan took off the spacial bag that he wore on his hand and handed it over: “How about you take it out yourself then.”


“Meow~” The big cat who was being stroked by the youth mewed softly in response.


What a pure blooded adult Taotie beast represented, Gu Yan was very clear. It can only be said that it is an extremely terrifying being to every creature in existence.


The passage between the human world and the abyss of the underworld will be reopened in a while and they will soon be able to search for the spiritual artifact that can repair a soul. By then, even if his own disciple comes into contact with the Demon race, he can no longer worry about his disciple’s safety.


Under the gentle touch of the youth, the pair of pupils narrowed and the big cat laid quietly on his lap. Remembering what the demon had told him, in order to help him restore his Master’s cultivation, he needed to help the demon get something from the abyss of the Underworld in exchange.


The passage between the human world and the abyss of the Underworld had been closed for many years. For the human world, this was a good thing, but now, there was something that can restore his Master’s cultivation in there…if this passage does not open as promised in half a month, then he will personally destroy those seals.


And the people who had been remembered by him, not a single one will be able to escape.


End of Chapter 46

[1] The censorship is real guys… In China, the river crab is a form of censorship for ***

T/n: This chapter was done in a rush because I won’t be able to touch my laptop for the rest of the week. Going for camp but guess who decided to fall sick the night before with a massive headache and rushing to pack everything. Anyway, I’ll try to read y’all comments whenever I can!

Let me know if you spot any mistakes, otherwise, I will re-edit it when I get back.

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