TPWSTKMFFMI Chapter 57.1

Translator: Vivi from dummytranslations 🙂

Chapter 57.1


Some more cats with horns that I really liked hehe. Thanks for providing me wit so many cat gifs y’all~


There are two cameras in his home which can capture the entire situation in the whole living room, the one closest to the sofa was the clearest.


Gu Yan also knew this, so he didn’t dine at the table but chose to sit on the living room sofa instead.


The other person is his own lover, if he wants to see him, Gu Yan does not mind being watched for 24 hours a day.


After experiencing two worlds previously, Gu Yan has long understood what kind of feelings the other person had for him. He wants to see him and of course, wants to touch him.


“Qiuqiu.” Looking up at the camera, Gu Yan raised his brows. He knew that the other person was currently watching him.




In the expansive virtual space filled with countless screens, what appeared on these screens was no longer the scene from a game, but rather, a living room.


There was only one person in the living room. A black-haired youth wearing a casual shirt was seating on the sofa while eating slowly.


The youth had a very clean and pure temperament and the face on the countless screens was undoubtedly very beautiful. In the eyes of the highest existence that dominated the entire virtual world, there was nothing better to look at.


He really liked it, he just wanted to keep watching.


Theoretically speaking, if he had no heart, he will not have **, but he now had a precious treasure that he really cherished, that being the person on these screens.


‘The World’ doesn’t need to be managed, its settings were nearly perfect and it can be left to run on its own. The probability of a bug[1] is less than 0.001%.


As the light brain that sustained the entire virtual world, this supreme ruler was unexpectedly slacking –


But there was no one around to see it.


“Qiuqiu, come here.” Gu Yan waved the phone in his hand towards the camera in the living room. Knowing that the light brain can control all electronic devices, when he takes over his phone, he can also bring the other person out.


The virtual and real world had strict boundaries. Asa had never thought about controlling the real world because there was no one who he wanted to touch in the real world before.


In the next second, the screen that was originally dark on Gu Yan’s phone suddenly lighted up. What appeared in it was a little kitten with two small horns on his head.


“Meow.” Through the screen, this round little cat purred at the youth.


Gu Yan stretched out a finger and touched the position of the two small horns. Although it was impossible to touch him through the screen, the small ball in the screen still unconsciously tried to move closer to him.


“Qiuqiu, be good. We’re going out in a bit.” His eyes curved downwards as he smiled. Gu Yan put the phone into his pocket and his fingers would touch the screen from time to time.


The technology of the current world he was in was much more advanced than his original world. Sitting on the fully automatic suspension car, Gu Yan inputted the location of a large mall in the destination.


He was going to choose a gift for his lover and what he needed to prepare was a suitable body that he can control.


The central mall was located in the most prosperous part of the city. Basically, the things that one needed to buy from several different regions can all be found here. Gu Yan’s goal was the ​​electronic products section.


“Good morning, sir, what type of robot are you looking for?” Putting on a standard professional smile, the salesperson wearing an ol uniform greeted the black-haired youth who had just stepped into the store.


“Pet type, nanny type or companion type, no matter which type you need, we can customize it for you.”


Gu Yan has taken his phone out again and the screen just happened to be facing the sales staff. The little cat on the screen was quiet. He now understood what the youth wanted to do and widened its deep purple eyes. This small ball then snuggled closer to the position of the youth’s finger on the screen.


With the technology of their current era, the realism of robots has reached the extent where it cannot be distinguished by the naked eye. The classification of robots is also very clear. The three types of robots that were mentioned before were those that can be sold on the market. There is also a military robot type but that is something that is under the jurisdiction of the government and ordinary people cannot purchase it.


Pet-type robots are specially designed for people who want to keep pets but are not able to or are not willing to take care of pets. Nanny robots can take care of household chores. As for companion robots, as the name implies… its name was to be taken literally.


Looking at the custom price for each type of robot on the product manual, Gu Yan thought about the amount of money in his credit card. If he bought one of each pet type and companion type, the money was just enough.


Buy, buy, buy.

T/n: Many of y’all guessed the gift hehe but you’ll never guess what is going to come

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  1. Thank you so much for the chapter ! Though I’m quite open-minded, I’m still a little peeved with the idea of a robot p*nis. Reminds me of the Genos x sitama dj that I came across accidentally and read *blushes*

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  2. Many thanks!

    It’s kind of amazing how Gu Yan does things without really struggling with them. QQ is an AI? Fine, lets find a body for him then! I really like this drama-free approach : D

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  3. Thanks for the great translation 😁

    I’m very much looking forward to what kind of body he ends up getting. Also getting a serious case of the ‘d’awwws’ for that horned kitty look.

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  4. Oh gosh two bods? Lucky! It’s like having a cat form and a humanoid form in the virtual world, cool!

    I thought GY would just buy a cat bod but I was wrong. I guess he wanted som QiuQiu “loving” time 😉

    Thank you for the chapter!

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  5. Rip to the youth’s chrysanthemum.
    Unless of course if they do the papapa in the game world…?
    If the youth gets tired in the game world…is a stamina potion more than enough? (◐∇◐*)


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