TPWSTKMFFMI Chapter 57.2

Translator: Vivi from dummytranslations 🙂

Chapter 57.2

Watch till the end~ QQ x GY x Robo


Gu Yan swiped the card without batting an eyelid and watched as the credit points displayed on the card machine dropped from the hundreds of thousands to the thousands.


The same type of robot can have different heights and configurations, thus, the price will naturally be different. This was his present to Qiuqiu. The two robots that he bought were naturally of the highest quality. Despite spending all the money in his card, Gu Yan did not feel any distress.


In the game, he was ranked first place on the leaderboards, hence, he was not worried that he will be unable to find a guild to work with. Previously, with the Seventh Heaven Guild, the equipment dropped in the Fallen Abyss dungeon had still not been divided. He just needed to pick a few rare materials to sell and it would be enough for him to earn back the money he had spent.


“Understood, sir. what type of pet do you want? Not only its shape, even its personality can be customized according to your preferences. For example, it can be extremely attached to you or if you prefer a quiet one…” The smile on the sales lady’s face was much more sincere now. Decisive customers were always more likable compared to those petty and indecisive customers. Though they still had to constantly put on a smile for both types of customers.


The youth standing in front of her was extremely beautiful which, in the first place, was a good thing. Moreover, he also liked pets, so his personality must be as gentle as he looks. Many people generally judged another person by the physical appearance and this salesperson was no exception. Her attitude towards this customer was unconsciously better.


“Must be extremely sticky.” Gu Yan did not even think before he answered. In reality, when Gu Yan said this, he was looking at the screen where a small round ball with two little horns on its head was.


When this small ball decides to stick to him, even Gu Yan had no way of freeing himself…


Stating his requirements in detail, Gu Yan also added in a request that the salesperson found a bit strange. Its head must have two little horns.


However, the salesperson had heard stranger requests for pets in the past. She quickly nodded with a smile: “What do you want for the partner robot? No matter what kind of woman, from her body to her appearance, we can make detailed customizations for you to create a dream that will satisfy you…”


“I want a man.” Without letting the other person finish, Gu Yan quickly interrupted her. His finger was stroking the screen of his phone. He did not know why the small kitten inside had suddenly become extremely restless, even issuing a distressed low-pitched meow. 


“…Sir?” The sales lady was a little stunned and tried to seek confirmation.


“I want a male.” Gu Yan confirmed what he had said.


Her professionalism allowed the salesperson to quickly recover her facial expression and she nodded again: “Okay, I understand.”


Height and shape was set easily, as for its appearance –


In the simulator, Gu Yan realized that the face he had carved out was… a face that combined the features of both the Abyss demon king, Salos, and the death god. This face had an icy and beautiful countenance with a narrowed pair of eyes that held a devilish attraction.


The basic settings were set. After the salesperson received the customization information, she now had to ask a very important question.


“Sir, do you have any requirements regarding that… size of your companion robot?” The salesperson asked this question while struggling to maintain a polite tone.


Gu Yan: “…”


This question had to be answered. Gu Yan was a little awkward but he still calmly answered the other person.


“Okay, Sir. I need you to fill in your personal and contact information. By 7 o’clock at the latest, we will have a special courier deliver the goods to you.” The salesperson handed a blank personal information sheet to the black-haired youth.


After filling out the information and leaving the store, while sitting in the suspension car on the way home, Gu Yan stretched out a finger and tapped on his screen: “Qiuqiu?”


The other person should have already understood that the robot bodies were prepared for him but now, he was curled up into a small ball. A pair of wide eyes were staring at him, looking extremely agitated.


When they returned home, it was only in the afternoon. The courier would not arrive so early, thus, Gu Yan decided to accompany his lover in the holographic game.


Coming back online, Gu Yan was still in the Fallen Abyss. The huge palace hall did not even have the shadow of a single demon beast. The moment he came online, Gu Yan felt that he was being held by someone and that person was the Demon King who was currently sitting on his throne.


“Qiuqiu can satisfy you better than him.” Nearing the youth’s ear, the demon king brought his pale lips that were slightly cold to Gu Yan’s earlobe. His voice was low and hoarse, extremely undulated but it clearly revealed his emotions. 


Him? Gu Yan was a little confused.


However, in the next second, his earlobe was licked by the warm tongue of the demon king behind him. Sometimes, his earlobe would even be sucked on and the inexplicable feeling of a small current running down his spine made Gu Yan shiver, even his breath became ragged.


End of Chapter 57


The author has something to say: Pet-type robot, the shape is set the same, Qiuqiu knows that it is to give him a body

But the companion robot was misunderstood…

T/n: eheh

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  1. Awww! Don’t worry Qiuqiu! GY just wants to have an appropriate honeymoon without having to be interrupted three times a day. (*≧▽≦)ノシ))
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