TPWSTKMFFMI Chapter 59.2

Translator: kyo576

Editor: Vivi 🙂


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He had just experienced it, and his morals had dropped till there was not even a speck of it left.


The staff who saw this was momentarily stunned by this scene, but he quickly found an explanation for it.


Customized robots all had a set owner from the start, also known as the ‘Master’. Following the clingy personality settings, robots clinging to their owner the moment they set their eyes on them was perfectly normal.


The worker received the card that was handed back to him, confirmed the name signed on it, and smiled while nodding, “Alright sir, if there are any problems with these two robots within the next five years, you can always contact our company. We will send our specialists to help fix it. If the damage is not the result of human means, we can also replace it with a new robot in the event where it cannot be fixed.”


A period of five years was not long. Given the current state of technology, under normal using conditions, customized robots from professional companies would, unless the owner chose to scrap it, otherwise have no problems.


Gu Yan nodded his head with an ‘En’. The little kitten in his embrace was play-biting his fingers, the kind where it bit once then licked twice. This basically made him unable to direct his attention to anyone else.


This was also the intention of this small ball.


After waiting for the open door to be closed again, a pale and beautiful man with an expressionless face also approached the youth’s side and hugged his waist from behind.


If one did not pay close attention to his eyes, they might think that it was black when in fact, it was actually a dark purple. The corner of his eyes were long and narrow with a slight uptilt to it, giving this man a devilish beauty to his looks.


The man hugged the youth, while the youth hugged the little kitten, but in fact, the one controlling both robots were one and the same.


A moist, licking sensation came from his fingers, while his neck was also being lightly kissed. Gu Yan was momentarily at a loss for who to respond to.


This kind of feeling… There was that bit of strangeness to it.


Yet, he was unable to place a finger on it. Scratching the lower jaw of the seemingly round kitten, after he heard the low purr, Gu Yan gave a deep cough before he turned over and raised a hand to touch the man’s head.


Feeling the gentle caress on his head, Asa’s eyes drooped, his pupils still reflected an inverted image of the youth.


Having come into actual contact with this person, even though the feeling of his skin was no different than that in the game world, but in his heart, he felt that there was still a major difference. There was even something addictive about it.


The person in front of him lowered his eyes, looking extremely obedient. However, being pressed down on the throne and doing those morally shameless things for a few hours, Gu Yan naturally knew that this obedience was only temporary. Wanting it to happen under those kinds of circumstances was just a dream.




In the youth’s embrace, the small and round ball’s purring continued as it licked the youth’s fingers. The two little horns on its head were rather obvious, and very quickly, the finger that it was licking gently stroked its horns.


“Qiuqiu…” Needing to split his attention on two sides, Gu Yan felt like he was not up to the task.


He prepared two bodies for him so that he could choose to use either one whenever he felt like it, but he had never thought that his lover would use both at the same time.


The kitten was now quietly lying in the embrace of the youth, while the human shaped body tilted his head down.


Asa rubbed his slightly pale face against the youth’s face, his voice sounding exactly the same as in the game, deep and hoarse. It was unknowingly filled with temptation. “Qiuqiu is in Ah Yan’s home.”


Hearing this, Gu Yan could not help curving his eyes, in it carrying obvious humor. Thinking back to when the other had said “Your family’s” with a completely serious face, saying this kind of words…


Anyway, it was just very cute.


The robot’s programming also had this ‘Master’ setting. When controlling these two robot bodies, Asa deleted all of its settings except for ‘Master’, this category of settings.


Written in the records of this ‘Master’ programming was Gu Yan’s name. He willingly allowed the youth in front of him to be his everything, thus feeling satisfied by this point.


With the features of the Abyss Demon King, Salos, and Death God, Xiunuo, molded and combined together, there was no doubt that this face was extremely handsome. Now, he had a physical body and could touch the person he liked… Even though the thoughts of the light brain was calm and clear to the point of freezing, he still could not resist wanting to have more contact with the youth in front of him.


Planting a probing kiss on the youth’s lips, Asa’s voice was low and steady but the owner of this voice was extremely focused, “I like Ah Yan.”


After he said this, Asa brought the youth to the couch and pushed him down for a kiss. He did not do anything else apart from kissing. Just this form of contact made this highest existence of the virtual world feel addicted yet satisfied.


End of chapter 59


Author has something to say:

En… Qiu Qiu can control multiple robots(?) at the same time

Feels like this morals thing can’t be held on to anymore [profound face]

t/n: um… sandwich. GY has become the filling.

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  1. Thank you for the update ! Trying to split your attention between the two is really difficult. But at least there’s not two of the human for ones. xD

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  2. Not only gu yan, even i have lost my moral integrity to think about three****! To use Du Ze word its: ” I’ve already taken off my pants, and this is what you show me?!”
    I’m a pervert… QAQ
    Thank you for the chapter!

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      1. The MC at “The Reader and the Protagonist definitely have to be in true love.” (It’s also a BL novel! ♡ The ML is so meng it hurts my heart.)

        It’s a really good novel too.

        I’ve also read that the name Du Ze somehow also means ‘the reader’ / ‘reader’ ? (Correct if I’m wrong peeps!)

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        1. No, you’re right. Du Ze is also mean “reader” in English. Its also true, i mean du Ze from TRATPHTBITL … Even the abreviation also so long…


  3. –He prepared two bodies for him so that he could choose to use either one whenever he felt like it, but he had never thought that his lover would use both at the same time.

    I also never thought about that possibility!! I’m so stupid & can’t be compared with light brain. Of course as the highest existence in the virtual world he can control not only 1, but 2, or more..

    But then, will there be 3p? Or is it venturing to beastiality? But they’re both robots, so robotiality? Ok I’ll stop here. Apparently I need my sleep so bad.

    And thank you for the update..

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  5. Haha… Gu Yan just realized he made himself outnumbered. I wonder when Qiuqiu is going to jump him with multiple bodies in virtual reality.

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  6. If the cat body is to be change with *cough* another *cough* human body a certain setting would *cough* show up.

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    This reader’s morals have long crumbled to dust.

    Qiuqiu sandwich! HAHAHAHAHA

    I can’t. ⁄(⁄ ⁄•⁄ω⁄•⁄ ⁄)⁄ *my heart, oh my heart hahahaha*

    Please let this arc have happy ending! Huhuhuhu I still remember the trauma given to me by the 1st arc. (ಥ_ಥ)

    Thank you for your efforts! ♡

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  8. Having bodyspare is very good,then ah yun can buy more when he has more money.qiuqiu can now protect his master and himself from death risk.


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