Chapter 6.1: Tamed

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After the ship completed a second round, it continued sailing smoothly for some time. They were currently only one step away from their final destination.

The Heidis surrounding the youth was in a state of utter disbelief. The dark-haired youth had actually slept soundly for a whole hour with absolute zero wariness.

Logically speaking, how was this small and weak being able to survive until now??

As the ship prepared to land, the people who had left earlier to head over to the medical compartment had also come back up to the top of the ship.

Their master was back.

You should be reading this at dummytranslations

With a ‘Swish’, all the Heidis on the top deck instantly retracted their gaze from the youth.

They saw a familiar flash of silver light at the lower entrance. The man had a handsome and icy countenance. His back was as straight as a rod, causing the black uniform on his body to appear particularly cold.

Compared to his tamed cat form, these subordinates were more used to their commander’s current human form.

In reality, as far as the Heidis’s race’s instincts were concerned, no one would take the initiative to expose their original form because it was like exposing a part of their own strength and weakness.

“Chris, has the commander regained his memory? It looks like …” Looks like he was no different from normal.

He did not manage to finish his sentence when he saw the subject of discussion walk towards where the dark-haired youth was. Eli bent down and hugged the youth’s waist, his head snuggling closer to the pale neck. The Heidis who had not managed to finish his words quickly closed his mouth.

Chris was currently the only medic on the ship and also Eli’s childhood friend. He waved his hands, “You probably don’t need my answer anymore.”

Gu Yan’s neck felt a little itchy. Whenever he was sleeping and there was any disturbance, it was usually his cat that was playing around. The youth uncomfortably shifted his head and sleepily murmured, “Qiuqiu, be good…”

He continued to sleep soundly.

Hearing this, the brows on the handsome and expressionless face furrowed.

Eli Osrian. He remembered his own name. However, if the youth liked to call him ‘Qiuqiu’, he will not mind. Thinking that this name was something the youth had chosen for him, he felt a little excited.

[T/N: GG what happens when he realizes it’s not…]

The warship had a special identity and they quickly passed through the identification check of the Capital star without any hindrance.

“We must keep the fact that the Commander has lost his memories confidential.” The ship had landed smoothly and before leaving the ship, Evan gave the guards strict orders.

There was no need for further explanation, everyone was clear of the implications. Firstly, it was so as to avoid letting some of the elders in the other sects take this opportunity to create trouble.

Osrian was the surname of the Heidis’s royal family and their commander was an imperial heir to the throne. However, there was always no lack of competition for the throne; for example, there were many with this surname.

“This is your mansion. There will be a professional physician to give you a more detailed medical examination and treatment later on, I hope you can continue to cooperate with us.” Before the Heidis recovers his memory, the biggest variable was his body. With that in mind, Evan had to admit that the dark-haired youth currently asleep in his seat was the key to their commander’s cooperation.

Eli did not answer, his gaze rested on the youth whose eyes were closed and breathing evenly. Only after a moment did he answer reluctantly. “En.”

He raised a hand to gently touch the youth’s face. Upon contact, the brows on the handsome and aloof face twitched slightly but there was no intention of waking the other man up.

The weight of a man, even a Heidis in its infancy could easily lift it. Of course, Eli did not ‘lift’ him.

The other men in the ship looked at their commanders with a straight face as he picked up the unknown creature with great care, while they remained vigilant.

Eli carefully controlled his strength. From his impression, the youth he held was very small and weak. Just the barbs on its tongue were enough to leave a red imprint on his skin and he was also unable to bear too much weight.

Hugging the youth in his pet cat form and holding the youth while he slept in his human form was two different experiences, although the latter was obviously more novel to him.

It was a European style mansion and the road to the courtyard was very quiet, beautiful and elegant.

“You can rest in this room first. Ms. Neilfi is currently rushing back from Figure Gate Star and will be reaching within three hours. She will definitely be able to quickly solve your memory loss problem.” From the outside, it looked as if the two of them were walking side by side when in fact Evan had taken on the role of the guide. The workers in the mansion look down respectfully when the two men passed by.

“This is the room you usually use, do you …” Evan was going to ask his commanding officer if he had any impression of this place. However, the cold and handsome Heidis only lowered his head to look at the youth in his arms. Holding on to the body of the black-haired youth, he stretched out a hand to cover his right ear, and then looked up expressionlessly and stared at Evan until he got the hint to shut up.

Listening to the conversation between the two people, Gu Yan groggily opened an eye but still did not have any reaction.

“Qiuqiu …?” Gu Yan habitually looked for his cat the moment he opened his eyes.

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  1. Thanks for the new chapter
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