Chapter 6.2. Tamed

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The adult Heidis who had been misled by this name bowed his head and lightly rubbed the young man’s cheek, pulling his hands up to his own head. This was to assure Gu Yan that he was here.

Feeling the soft touch of silver hair, Gu Yan who was not fully awake unthinkingly started rubbing it.

His cat was very obedient; it would never run off by itself. Moreover, he only had to call its name once and it would run over eagerly to climb onto his body.

“…” Evan was severely shocked by the scene in front of him. Pushing up his glasses, he calmly made the decision to leave. This was not a place he could stay.

Their commander’s condition was still considered stable, and he seemed willing to cooperate. They just had to watch out for anything that might scare away the youth.

Due to the stiff and cold black military uniform, it further highlighted the aura of superiority of the adult Heidis. He lowered his head to lightly gaze at the black-haired youth. Currently, in this territory, there was no other person apart from him and his favorite…

Favorite what?

Eli adjusted to a more comfortable position while holding the black-haired youth in his arms. He could not think of a suitable and satisfying name for this person. He only knows that when he is surrounded by the smell of this person, especially when he(GY) gently touches him, he will completely lose the ability to think.

He just wants to be closer and…make this person like him.

In his semi-conscious state, Gu Yan continued brushing the soft silver hair for a while until after he finally became aware of the changes in his surroundings.

They were no longer in the ship and he was no longer in his seat. Simply put, he was being held by someone.

The moment he came to this realization, he was met with a pair of light-colored pupils. Gu Yan instantly froze.

Especially since his hands were still on the other man’s head and not his cat’s, Gu Yan became flustered.

It was not from fear, but rather because the other person’s form was a stranger.

If the other person was a cat, Gu Yan wouldn’t hesitate to rub even their weakest spots – For example, the belly.

Once again, feeling the youth lying in his embrace stiffen, the Heidis’s handsome face turned gloomy.

He did not like this form because in this appearance, this person will reject him.

“How about you put me down first …” Saying this, Gu Yan carefully collected back his hand from the man’s head. He clearly did not want to recall what he had just done.

Towards the Heidis that yearned to be closer to him, these words and actions were a sign of rejection.

Gu Yan waited for a while before Eli finally put him down. With both feet on the ground, he felt like he had finally returned to reality.

Just as Gu Yan prepared to breathe a sigh of relief, he felt something wet touching his ear.


Eli slightly lowered his head to the youth ear, its tongue lightly touching Gu Yan’s earlobe and let out a low ‘ meow ‘. He knew that the youth preferred his original form.

Its voice was low and cold, but just like how its head was lowered, this adult Heidis at the top of the inter-interstellar food chain was taking the initiative to warm up to the youth.

Gu Yan: “…”

Hearing this sound, Gu Yan at a loss for what to do.

Feeling Gu Yan gradually relaxed his body, Eli attempted to get closer. Lowering his head once more, he looked at the pale slender neck of the youth. This part of him held the greatest temptation towards the Heidis, perhaps because his scent was the strongest there…?

Unsure, the adult Heidis shifted its tongue from the youth’s earlobes towards his neck, touching it lightly.

This kind of feeling was as if he was being lightly kissed and made Gu Yan tremble a little. Back in his world, because of his own innate advantage in appearance, Gu Yan never lacked people who showed affection towards him, both men and women included.

But as a serious cat-lover, Gu Yan thought … Rearing a cat is much better than falling in love.

Hence, he stayed single for 24 years and being treated so intimately, it was still the first time for Gu Yan.

Unable to react in time, the cat took the chance to climb up to his neck. Strangely, it felt a lot like his own cat trying to act spoilt with him.

This does not look good, Gu Yan couldn’t help but think.

One should not expect a cat-lover to have any principles in front of a cat that was acting cute towards him. Not bothering to put up any resistance, Gu Yan already reached his hands out to pat the big cat before he realized what he was doing. In the end, he almost even wanted to blurt out a ‘Good boy.’

The Heidis’s pupils followed as the youth’s hands approached it. Feeling the familiar touch, it slowly squint its eyes in satisfaction.

Not only the neck, even the slender and good-looking fingers of this youth … He wanted to kiss them.

The scent on this person’s body was not only pleasant. For him, there was an indescribable sense of familiarity. However, due to the gap in his memories, he was as ignorant as a newborn calf and was unable to distinguish this point. He only wanted to go closer and …

Be completely tamed.

End of chapter 6

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    When Eli realize that qiuqiu is the name of his rival cat must be very upset and jealous

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