TPWSTKMFFMI Chapter 61.1

Translator: Foreverhungry from mehtranslations

Editor: Dragon_Reader

Proofreader: Vivi 🙂

Chapter 61.1



Once the money in the credit card had been used to buy the two robots, Gu Yan was left with only a fraction of his original money. He still needed to support himself. Thus, after finishing the breakfast his lover had prepared, Gu Yan gave notice to the other before laying down inside the game capsule.

Either way, he would still see his lover in the game.

But the moment Gu Yan went online, other than getting bombarded by a bunch of private messages, he was still being hugged by the Abyss Demon King sitting on the Demon Throne. He heard the low and hoarse voice by his ear saying, “Qiuqiu can support Ah Yan.”

This should be something that he needed to do. To be a considerate partner, Asa would strictly carry this out.

“How many credit points does Ah Yan want?” Pulling the youth’s hands and placing it on his own horn, the highest existence of this ‘World’ asked this question seriously.

All the federal union banks were also operated by him. The youth in his eyes can have as much credit points as he wanted…

He only needed to tamper with the numbers. To the light brain, this kind of thing was simple.

Gu Yan was stunned for a moment. He never thought that his family’s lover still cared about this problem. He broke into laughter and fiddled with the horn, “Just selling some rare materials in the game is enough for a few days…”

He stopped, thought over it for a while and added, “Those materials are things that originally belonged to you, so Qiuqiu is already supporting our family.”

This answer made the Abyss Demon King narrow his dark purple eyes. His pale and handsome face stuck close to the youth and rubbed: “En”.

He had received more than 60 messages in his inbox, most coming from the people of the Seventh Heaven Guild. Gu Yan read through this pile of messages from the beginning.

The people who messaged him privately last night were the same ones who had left him a pile of messages today.

[PM] [Silver Raven]: Great God, we haven’t distributed the equipment yet. Send me a ‘1’ whenever you get online. I’ll send you a list of things the previous BOSS dropped.

[PM] [Peaceful Revival]: We previously agreed that for every BOSS, you will have the priority to choose one item from the loot. Silver Raven will send you the list of dropped items. Just tell me when you’ve decided. I’ll mail it to you.

After skimming through most of the messages, Gu Yan even saw an invite from the guild master of Wings of Dawn, but he set it aside for now.

He replied with a ‘1’ to Silver Raven, and very quickly received a chain of records of drops.

Every player could only see their own virtual screen. But this rule was obviously not tenable for the light brain.

Resting his jaw on the youth’s shoulders, the Abyss Demon Kings that ruled over the Netherlands used a low and hoarse voice by the youth’s ears to ask, “Which equipment does Ah Yan want?”

Who cared about fair competition or whatever, he was this ‘World’s’ rules.

When Gu Yan, who was browsing the record of loots dropped heard this question, he understood his family’s lover’s meaning. He touched the horns on the demon-king’s head again and explained, “It’s more meaningful to get such items through my own hard work.”

“Moreover, compared to equipment, I’m more interested in this world that Qiuqiu created. There are many places that I want to see.” This was also the truth. Gu Yan was interested in this world’s various cultures, for example, the spirits and dragons…

This was probably something that most writers would be curious about.

He chose two forging materials from the drop list and something called [Void Spirit Magic Gown], a magician’s equipment. Gu Yan messaged Peaceful Revival accordingly.

[PM] [Peaceful Revival]: Okay, the mail’s been sent, happy co-operation. There will be more chances to work together in the future.

Seeing the last sentence, Gu Yan raised an eyebrow, feeling like there was some other meaning behind it.

But as long as the remuneration was decent, he did not mind temporarily joining the other’s party, as an external help.

[PM] [Sen Luo]: Happy co-operation.

He had to return back to town to receive the mail. Gu Yan had bound his Stone of Return[1] to the main city of humans, ‘Justenya‘. It would be simple if he wanted to return. He just needed to rub the Stone of Return and everything would be solved, but as for his family’s Qiuqiu…..

There was no problem in bringing the other away, dungeons were all in countless individual pockets of spaces anyway. Parties that opened up a dungeon map would not come across a situation where the final BOSS was missing.

The problem was that he could not leave with his lover in this form. Otherwise, when the other players in the human city see this BOSS appear in front of them, it would probably cause a huge commotion. 


 Just as he thought on this problem, Gu Yan heard a low hum. A round and tiny, silver tiger-striped ball of velvet fur was lying on his shoulder, using its body to rub against his neck.

“Qiuqiu…” Gu Yan held the furry animal in his hands and suddenly saw a chain of words above its head.

[Sen Luo’s pet], while the column for the name wrote ‘Asa’.

Oh, this definitely solved the problem. He brought the little kitten from his head down for a kiss, before using the Stone of Return.

The human city – Justenya.

This city of humans was ancient and imposing, but still had not fallen behind times.

In this city, stood the East Continent’s most famous School of Magic. Every Magician classed player had to compulsorily finish a chain of class quests that were as long as, and as stinky as a foot binder.

So, for Magician classed players, this part of the game was the one that left them with one of the deepest impressions.

Finding a mailbox in the city was easy. The mailboxes’ set locations were at the Inn, Bank, or the entrance of the Auction Hall. With a round little kitten lying on its stomach on his shoulder, Gu Yan walked towards the Inn.

“So cute——”

On the way there, Gu Yan often heard words similar to these. The kitten on his shoulder opened its eyes and rubbed against his neck, the purrs coming from him had never stopped.

“Qiuqiu, be good.” Knowing that the other was trying to attract his attention, Gu Yan received his mail with one hand and stroked the kitten’s back with the other.

“Meow,” it called out. This small round ball of fur climbed up the magician’s head and went back to lying on its stomach. Quietening down, it waved its tail lightly.

Ever since yesterday’s movie, when the youth had carried him and placed him on his head, this kitten suddenly felt that he particularly liked this position.

The weight on his left shoulder had transferred over to his head. Gu Yan had no opinion on this, he just raised his hand higher to touch the two little horns on the kitten.


[1] Meant to teleport them back to the town they bound the stone at, from anywhere outside of town, not a consumable item

T/n: This arc is really not easy orz. I thought cultivation was hard…

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  1. I swear every chapter kills me a little inside….it’s just too cute! (or sad, because of arc 1 ending)
    RIP my dear translator, gaming arcs/novels are as bad as (or even worse than) Xianxia ones. *lights incense*

    [As a sidenote, that gif tho. freaking hilarious!]

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    1. I find cultivation the worst though. Gaming at least most times they speak in regular chinese instead of the ‘old’ style even if they do use slang from time to time.

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  2. Thanks for translating~ *gurgles from the cuteness of Qiuqiu* Qiuqiu! Please be mine! I want a kitty so bad! Damn my allergies! (ノಥ益ಥ)ノ ┻━┻

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  3. So cute!

    Little Asa, when someone is calling you two “cute” in this context, they’re mostly referring to you, not the MC. No need to eat vinegar!

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