TPWSTKMFFMI Chapter 61.2

Translator: Foreverhungry from mehtranslations

Editor: Dragon_Reader

Proofreader: vivi

Chapter 61.2




“Small Crystal Stone, Desolate Jade…” After placing these two rare forging materials into his inventory, Gu Yan prepared to wait till the afternoon, to sell it on the game’s forum after he went offline. Like this, these two items could be sold for at least 30,000 credit points.

As for the Void Spirit Magic Robe, Gu Yan immediately equipped it after receiving it. While its INT attribute points could not be compared to the one he was wearing, Gu Yan had his eye on another rarely seen attribute that this piece of equipment had: [Movement speed +10%].

Magicians typically did not have much movement skills. The flying broom’s additional movement speed was also unable to completely compensate for this weakness. Facing situations in dungeons required speedy movements, and a magician’s casting would be very easily disrupted, thus, causing this class’ performance in dungeons to suffer.

If it was not for the magician’s one and only crowd dispersing skill, this class may have been relegated to being only a reserve player; only to be used once in a thousand years ever since it was released.

The bells ringing from the cathedral resounded throughout the town. Right now, everyone in every corner of town could clearly hear this heavy and solemn sound. Meanwhile, the Griffin Knights patrolling the skies above town stopped and gathered, waiting for the bell to finish ringing before continuing their patrol.

At this moment, Gu Yan entered a tavern called ‘Golden Casks’. He had responded to the previous night’s message from the Guild Master of Wings of Dawn’s after he had finished receiving his mail. Very quickly, they confirmed the meeting place.

“A glass of Honey Liquor,” Gu Yan randomly picked something when he was asked for his order.

Entering a tavern but not ordering any alcohol was inexcusable. If the owner was a dwarf with a short temper, he would be chased out within minutes.

One of the main reasons this holographic game was named as the ‘World’ was because it was very realistic. Even if they were NPC’s, they would still have their own lives, operating just like in reality.

Gu Yan chose an empty and spacious corner to sit, and not long after he had ordered, a cup of amber colored drink was placed on the wooden table in front of him.

Just then, the young ball that had been lying quietly on his head jumped onto the table. Gu Yan could not react in time when he saw the kitten approach the vicinity of the cup, make a sniffing motion, before sticking out its tongue to lap at the drink.


At once, he pulled the kitten back into his embrace. Even though he knew that this was not reality, the one he was carrying in his hands was also not a normal cat, Gu Yan still reflexively carried out this action.

Bending his head down, the round ball of fluff purred and rubbed against the youth’s body, before lightly reclining into his embrace. Yes, it reclined, not lie on its stomach.

Gu Yan: …

He had a feeling that… His family’s Qiuqiu was drunk. Drinking alcohol in the game would have the same effects as in reality. Moreover, Honey Liquor was a type of hard liquor.

Watching this scene, a warrior carrying a heavy broadsword on his back smiled as he took a seat opposite the magician.

“Sorry, my Stone of Return was not bound to Justenya. Rushing from the Flaming Canyons took some time.” After expressing his apologies, Ke Zhou very quickly directed the conversation to the main topic. “This morning, the Silver Cross Crusader’s elite party successfully attacked the Netherworld’s final BOSS into phase two. They are the first party to be able to persist under the Death God’s attacks and last seven minutes before being wiped out.”

Gu Yan heard and nodded his head, this was something he knew. After all, in the plot that he had written in the past, the party to get First Kill for the Death God was also the Silver Cross Crusader.

“What went wrong for them was that just when they entered phase two, the BOSS suddenly went berserk. This BOSS’ berserk mechanism is probably a special case, only giving them seven minutes to fight.” Speaking till this point, Ke Zhou spread out his arms and loosened his shoulders. This BOSS’ extremely strict requirements for tankers could be temporarily set aside, but now, its DPS requirement was also pushing the limits.

Firstly, reducing the number of people was definitely not an option. The moment the number of players fighting this BOSS is reduced, everything would collapse. The burden would fall on the damage dealers and the stress on the healers was also huge.

Meanwhile, this ‘seven-minutes berserk’ mechanism was also another thing to worry about. The party’s DPS needed to be above 35k in order to be able to topple the boss within the time limit. Otherwise, it would go berserk and wipe out the party.

What kind of concept was 35k damage per second? Every guild would only have four to five DPS players that could deal that kind of damage, and after taking away those whose awareness did not meet the target in real combat, the numbers would drop down to three.

Wanting the elite parties of every guild to cover for those remaining tens of players whose damage did not meet the criteria would waste god knows how much time. Therefore, when the news of the ‘seven-minute berserk’ mechanism was released, the top-ranking guilds just straightforwardly raised the discussion of an alliance.

After explaining the above situation, the warrior coughed. “I lost the bet, so I’m responsible for pulling in the number one, most reliable magician. Death God, this BOSS, needs a magician’s crowd control skill, but to find one that can hit 35k damage per second is simply too difficult…”

Basically, there was the feeling of being impossible to find.

“After taking up the number one ranking in the Arena for so long, the most reliable magician that I can think of is only you. I don’t know if you’re interested in joining our party that is made up of players from the three guilds. Of course, after defeating the BOSS, you will have priority to select from the loot.” The moment he finished speaking, Ke Zhou sent a party invitation to the magician in front of him.

The little kitten reclining in his embrace was purring non-stop. Gu Yan accepted the party invitation, then helplessly rubbed the soft belly of this kitten.

There was a class quest belonging to a magician that opened up in the Netherworld. Thus, Gu Yan had no reason to reject this invitation. It was just that he had a question that he wanted to ask this ball of fluff reclining in his embrace. But this would probably have to wait until the other was clear-minded enough for him to ask…

End of chapter 61

Author has something to say:

4k words… Burst my word limit OTZ

T/n: Just wanted to let you guys know this project has officially turn one years old. Can’t believe it’s already been a year! Just wanted to thank y’all, whether you’ve been there from the start, dropped it and picked it up again or just started reading it. Anyways, see u guys next week with chapter 63 aye

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