TPWSTKMFFMI Chapter 62.1

Translator: foreverhungry from mehtranslations

Editor: Dragon_Reader

Proofreader: Vivi 🙂

Chapter 62.1

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Once he accepted the party invitation, Gu Yan glanced at the list of party members. He could not help but suck in a breath when he saw the generosity of these record-setting teams.


The three guilds that had allied together formed a part of the major guilds in the game. Everyone in the party had their own title in the game, including those who had been recruited. Simply pulling up any ranking list of records randomly, one could easily match a few of these names to the ones in the leaderboards.
One of these guilds was also the one he had just come in contact with: Seventh Heaven Guild. Gu Yan suddenly had an epiphany on what the guild master of Seventh Heaven had meant with his message: ‘There should be more chances to work together in the future.’


Of the other two guilds, one was Silver Cross Crusader, and the other was Wings of Dawn, who had just pulled him into the team


“With the three guilds allying themselves together, and adding in the external members, the whole party needs to have a couple of trial runs. However, the people picked out this time are all elite players with top rate awareness. Just doing it once or twice should be enough.” Ordering a glass of pulque*, a human warrior picked up the mug made of oak and downed it in one go, “Sen Luo, you don’t need to stress yourself too much. As long as your damage per second can reach 30k… or even 25k, that’ll be enough. The remaining damage can be compensated by other DPS players.”
*Pulque: A Mexican alcoholic drink made by fermenting sap from the maguey plant


25k points of damage for a magician was a tall order, there was no need to even dream of hitting 30k. If it wasn’t for Death God Xiunuo, this BOSS that required a magician’s crowd dispersing skill to work, this party aiming for the first kill would definitely not want to bring in a magician.


This was also the current situation of the Magician Class. If it was simply standing on the spot and casting spells, then the magician could probably come out on top of the other classes.


However, when it came to actual party combats, this would not be possible anymore. This class ate too many losses from the surroundings. They had almost no movement skills, and if their casting were disrupted, it would be difficult for them to do much damage.

In actual combat, the boss had all sorts of inhumane mechanisms. Wanting a magician to continuously cast spells without being interrupted was impossible.


This meant that the magician class’ performance when going for the first kill was extremely poor, and could almost be considered as the worst.


That was why in dungeons, when there was no need for crowd control skills, there generally would be no magicians in the team. At this time, everyone was at the entrance of the dungeon, getting ready to risk their lives.


Gu Yan nodded at the other person without saying a thing.


“We will enter the dungeon at 1 o’clock in the afternoon, is that okay?” Ke Zhou asked


“En,” Gu Yan nodded again with a light voice.


“That’s good. Until 1 o’clock, you are all free to do your own things. I’ll go and check on the supplies for today’s dungeon first.” Putting down his cup, the warrior rubbed his nose. Who asked him to lose the bet, now he had to complete the forfeit and all the responsibility fell on him.


After the warrior carrying his huge broad-sword left the tavern, Gu Yan looked down at the little cat in his arms that was purring non-stop. He unconsciously laughed and picked up the cup to try a sip of honey liquor.


Realizing that there was nothing left to do, Gu Yan decided he might as well rub the little cat’s tummy. One hand stroked his belly while he slowly drank the amber coloured liquid in his cup.


Sweet and rich. Although it was a strong liquor, this was nothing to him as Gu Yan always had a good tolerance.


“Qiuqiu’s down after only one sip.” The cat in his arms looked drunk and dizzy, causing Gu Yan to think that it was a little funny. When he spoke, his voice held a trace of amusement.


Actually, he was still a little shocked. The light brain could get drunk too. It had really succumbed to its own settings…


“Meow.” In reality, he had not heard anything clearly, but the small ball could clearly make out the two words ‘Qiuqiu’. So, it used its ability to hug the youth while responding in its low voice.


Widening its eyes, the little horned cat used its front paws to touch the youth’s outstretched hand and started to lick the beautiful fingers with utmost seriousness.


This method of licking would make anyone who was unaware think that they were licking something delicious.


It was a little itchy, Gu Yan’s eyebrows twitched but eventually, he did not take his hand back.



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  1. Thank you for the update! Take care of yourself first and don’t worry about updating for now. Your health is important! Qiuqiu is so cute. I’m actually little worried what he’ll do when he’s drunk. xD

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  2. Thanks for the chapter! Hope it’s something light & that you’ll get better soon! My parents, my sis, me, my colleagues, friends… I swear everyone has been sick recently, since the weather turned nasty.
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  3. Thank you for the chapter. Despite falling sick, you still gave us the update. Xie xie! I hope you recover soon~

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  4. No other world hopping novel I have read has gaming/vrmmos, I’m soo glad this one has it. I just love everything about videogames, cooperation, character classes, the setting 🙂 Thanks for the chapter and hope you get better soon >w


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