TPWSTKMFFMI Chapter 62.2

Translator: Vivi from Dummytranslations

Editor: Dragon_Reader 🙂

Chapter 62.2


In light of the lunar new year, have a fortune kitty

When he went online again and called the little cat who had become drunk after one sip out of his space, Gu Yan discovered the other person was already sober. It no longer tried to snuggle in his arms, but rather jumped onto his shoulders with extreme accuracy.


“Awake?” There was additional weight on his right shoulder. Gu Yan stood up and left the bar, thinking to himself that the Qiuqiu that had gotten drunk and dizzy earlier, was extremely cute.


Purring for a while, the little cat approached his neck and gently licked it a bit. In this body, it did not use its ability, otherwise, he would not have gotten drunk.


Earlier, it was said that the magician class had a chain quest that could be completed in the Netherworld dungeon. The ultimate reward for this task was the magician’s legendary weapon: The God’s Twilight.


The weapon in Gu Yan’s hand was called ‘Destiny’s choice’ and strictly speaking, it was something that only the first generation of players had. This could be considered a magician’s best weapon, right after the legendary weapon that could be obtained from the quest.


There was still some time before 1 o’clock. Gu Yan prepared to upgrade his weapon and had already gathered all the necessary materials. Now, he only needed to make a trip to the Magic Academy in the city to do his upgrade.


Gu Yan arrived at the entrance of the dungeon before one. As he arrived, he immediately saw many familiar people who he had noticed earlier on the party member list.


“Great God, we’re here.” A heavily armoured paladin beckoned the magician who was not too far away with a furry creature on his shoulders. His eyes curved into a smile.


Knowing someone was always better than not knowing anybody at all. Gu Yan walked towards him and returned a smile.


“I knew the Guild Leader of Wings of Dawn would definitely come to find you. Great god, recently you haven’t been as cold ah, even willing to participate in team battles.” And also smiling at him now, but Silver Raven did not dare to say the last sentence out.


The magician in front of him was very handsome. If only he did not have a cold and aloof expression constantly, this kind of physical appearance would easily gain the affection of others.


“We all have a common goal,” Smiling, Gu Yan nodded his head. Noticing how the other person’s gaze paused on his shoulder, Gu Yan calmly stood there and stroked the little cat’s back.
But then an accident happened within the next second.


Cough, brother,” A tall and sturdy human of the Shadow Blade Class lifted his arm and hooked it around the magician’s shoulders: “Brother, can you tell us where you got this pet, I also want…”


His voice got smaller and smaller, until he said “want”. Then, this shadow blade could almost no longer speak. A pair of deep purple eyes stared at him, giving him a sense of panic.


Meanwhile, Gu Yan did not feel anything when the shadow blade put his arms around him. He only noticed the little furball on his shoulder who had started to act up. If he continued this way, Gu Yan had a feeling the person on his shoulders might… do something bad.


Although the Qiuqiu of every world was different, but they all had something in common and that was their possessiveness. Gu Yan had already personally experienced it before.


The shadow blade who had been stared at so hungrily, thanked Gu Yan. Earlier on when he saw the cat, it was clearly extremely adorable. Yet, in the end, the cat’s eyes… The shadow blade began to contemplate if it was really necessary to get one of these pets for his girlfriend as a birthday present. Their gazes were really too scary.


“Qiuqiu, be good,” Lifting his hand to stroke the cat, Gu Yan noticed that the kitten had straightened its back and laughed lightly as he gave it another two pats.


Licking the youth’s outstretched hand, the kitten finally relaxed. However, it still narrowed its eyes towards the shadow blade’s retreating figure.


Adjusting a certain data to 0 and setting the timer to 1 day, the highest existence gave the Shadow Blade in front of him a hidden ‘debuff’[1] – a term widely known to other players.


[1] The kind where he will not be able to obtain good loots from the BOSS drops.


“Asa, Great God, your pet’s name is also rather cute, ah.” Although he was a man, Silver Raven had very little resistance towards such a creature with an adorable appearance. Thus, he continued staring at the youth’s shoulder for quite a while.


Gu Yan stopped moving momentarily before he replied with an ‘En’.


Thinking of how people generally referred to the Light Brain as the ‘Light Brain’, the number of people who knew the name ‘Asa’ were few. Even if the players were to notice this, Gu Yan reckoned they would just think it as a coincidence.


They were not able to chat for long as it was almost 1 o’clock. On time, the leader of the group sent out a message: “Everybody enter.”


Having a fixed commander was the best for dungeoning. There were no suspicions and similar to losing a game of dice where the loser had to bear the responsibility, the commander of the group came from the guild leaders of the three big guilds. In the end, the commander chosen was from the Silver Cross Crusaders, Zhi Yi.


The Netherworld was a place filled with countless spirits and undead liches. Any living being who entered had only one outcome and that was to become one of the undead. The Death God, Xiu Nuo was the ruler of this land.


“Death God… The first time I saw Qiuqiu was when you had the Death God, Xiu Nuo’s appearance.” After entering the dungeon, the team was still in the preparatory process of drinking potions, buffing and eating. Gu Yan just consumed a speed enhancing squid and lowered his voice as he said this to the kitten resting on his leg.


The first time he saw his lover in this world was when he still had the appearance of the BOSS in this dungeon. At that time, Gu Yan had not recognized him and therefore, did not have any sort of interaction with Qiuqiu who had taken the physical appearance of the Death God. However, Gu Yan still clearly remembered the other person’s appearance.


Although he knew that his family’s lover was currently not controlling that BOSS’s vessel, Gu Yan still could not help but feel that there was something strange about it


Right now, he needs to go chase after a certain Death God ah…


End of Chapter 62


Author has something to say:

Gu Yan is off to chase the Death God [Solemn Face]

En… Wait till he’s caught him, Death God Qiuqiu will go online =l=

After that…


Me at the start of this arc: Can’t wait to translate this, I love gaming uwu

Me now: Take my soul, I can’t wait to be done with this arc hrggg

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