TPWSTKMFFMI Chapter 63.2

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Chapter 63.2


this gif is freaking funny don’t tell me otherwise. I just wanted to find an OP cat


“Meow.” The little cat with two small horns on its head tilted its head to the side with a look of innocence.




Stretching out his hand to touch the two small horns, Gu Yan no longer pursued this problem.


If it was seven minutes, so be it. With the current party’s members, seven minutes is enough to clear it. Pulling out the damage ranking list to take a look, Gu Yan unsurprisingly found himself in the bottom of the list. When they were clearing the mobs, he had spent some time patting Qiuqiu.


“Let the two tanks attack first. In phase 1, the two tanks can take turns to tank the damage so that there won’t be any problems.” Zhi Yi shook his head and rejected the suggestion to add another tank. Although it will make it a lot easier for the other two tanks as they did not need to suffer so many layers of debuffs, using another tank would put too much pressure on the damage dealers, and now they also had a magician in their team…


Thinking of the magician, he looked up at the youth standing in the corner of the team. He had privately messaged the other person before the team gathered. He had sent out a stratagem for defeating the boss in phase 1 and explained in detail what he needed to do. His crowd control skill was of utmost importance.


They had discussed this before, the other person had also explicitly responded with an ‘understood’, and now that the other person did not ask, Zhi Yi thought that he already understood. It’s okay to run this dungeon a few times, but if he continued to make the same mistakes after running it a few times, and still did not ask despite not knowing, then he will start to discipline him like a member of his own guild.


The rules of the party were the same for everyone. If he started to scold, it will not be too nice.


“Qiuqiu can just wait here.” The small ball on his left shoulder was not put back into the pet space because he thought that the place might be lonely. Gu Yan took the little cat on his shoulder and put it down beside the stone door at the entrance of the temple.


In this position, it will not be affected by the battle. The pet had a neutral attribute, even if the mobs respawned after four hours, his pet would not be attacked.


“Meow.” A pair of deep purple irises reflected the figure of the magician. This furry creature obediently laid down in the position where the youth had put him and mewed lowly before quietly watching the youth walk towards the reincarnation pool.


After hearing the countdown, 3, 2, 1, the black-haired knight waved his sword and cast a holy light spell toward the black figure next to the reincarnation pool. He faced the pool and at the same time, successfully blocked the sickle that the black figure swung at him.


“A successful block still made me lose nearly two-thirds of my blood, where is the humanity in this?!” Executing a perfect block, Silver crow still felt his intestines hurt. Naturally, he knew that the clerics in his party had suffered more than him.


Blocking, parry, and dodging. Although the paladin who was holding the BOSS back had been cursing at the black figure in front of him, he still religiously took on every attack that the BOSS dealt.


Their blood bar was falling at a relatively stable rate. There was not a single instance where their health rapidly dropped. This fact alone greatly reduced the pressure on the clerics in the party.


Because it was a joint dungeoning party, there were people who were not used to the tanks in the group being so noisy and arrogant, they couldn’t help but speak out. They were in the middle of fighting for the first kill of a difficult BOSS, but the tanks behaved as though they were on an excursion ……


“No, no, no! If I don’t speak, I will get distracted. When the commander speaks, I will shut up immediately.” When he said this, the knight keenly noticed that the black figure in front of him had moved and before the black figure swung down its sickle once again, the Silver crow first activated the ‘Sacred Defender’ skill.


A holy shield clashed against the blood red light with a flash, and at this time, the main tank saw the dull light and immediately continued to mock the boss.


“How did you find out…” One of the clerics in the group couldn’t help but whisper.


The dull light just now was from one of the BOSS’s killer moves, but the knight’s blood bar was still relatively stable. The clerics did not feel the pressure of having to continuously monitor the tank’s health bar like in the previous BOSS runs.


However, the timing of the killer skill cast by the BOSS was random. How can the other person predict this and cast their own damage reduction skills?


It can’t be that it was merely a guess.


“Pay attention to his wrist.” Silver crow told the vice tank who was facing off with the boss.


The two were from different guilds. If it were before the joint dungeoning party, they would certainly not share the techniques they discovered with other guilds. But, since they were cooperating now, he will not hide anything, everything was for the sake of their team’s progress.


The vice tank of the current party was also the main tank in his original team. Naturally, he understood after hearing it once. After practicing several times, he quickly grasped the key points.


“Dis…” (perse).


The words “disperse’ hadn’t been spoken yet when he already saw that the debuff at the top of the priest’s head was gone. The magician on the side was sitting elegantly on his broom and held a magic book in his left hand. Whether it was black water or fire on the ground, or even a magic circle of suspended icicles, they were all completely unable to touch the magician’s robe.


Compared to other members who were frantically trying to avoid the BOSS’s skills and running all over the place, the leisure gait of the magician sitting on the broom was clearly incompatible with this intense and tense atmosphere.


“Mitigate the fire immediately. In the last round, the icicles had slowed us down for at least 3 seconds. How long has it been since we started, no need to focus too much on the little bit of DPS.” Looking at the icicles that were still chasing after people on the field, Zhi Yi immediately frowned. This was just asking him to pull out the damage ranking list to start yelling at the people.


3 seconds was not too much, the impact it had on the team could be compensated.


However, from this point, the team’s compliance with the party leader’s instructions could be seen. The higher the degree of compliance, the more unnecessary deaths can be avoided. It was still necessary to yell at them a little.


However, when the team leader caught a glimpse of the damage list, he could not help but be stunned.


In the horizontal position of the first place on the damage list was a dark purple column.


That was the colour that represented the magician class.


End of Chapter 63


T/n: GY is OP, with QQ they will rule the world

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