TPWSTKMFFMI Chapter 64.2

Translator: Vivi from Dummytranslations

Editor: Dragon_Reader 🙂

Chapter 64.2



The flying broom is a special skill for the magician class. With this in mind, the members of the joint dungeoning party silently shifted their sights. In the past, they had felt that this profession’s skill was absolutely weak like a chicken, but now, they could only be envious.

But when it comes to DPS, their professions’ skills were useful, at least their DPS was definitely much higher than the magician. Thinking of this, the damage dealers in the group also suppressed their envy.

Phase 2 was a completely unfamiliar stage. They had fallen from the temple onto a relatively narrow platform. The outer perimeters of the platform was a dark and distorted void. Anybody could guess what would happen if they were to fall off the platform.

Swallowed by the twisted void, instant death without a doubt.

The killer attacks used by the Death God were more frequent than the first stage, greatly increasing the pressure on the clerics in the team. They had no knowledge of the new mechanism of the second stage. The people of the joint dungeoning party could only learn while fighting, and at this moment, three arcane orbs that were quite speedy, suddenly appeared on the platform.

“Switch targets.” These arcane orbs had health bars. In accordance with the conventional mechanism, Zhi Yi immediately issued a command to stop the damage dealers from attacking the Death God, and to first settle these summoned arcane orbs.

The BOSS chose three players, and the three arcane orbs closed in on these people. The movement speed of these orbs was not slow, but what was more overboard was that their speed was also increasing by the second.

One of the chosen players was a priest, a well-known short-legged profession and she was not able to run for a long time before the arcane orb caught up. Seeing that the orb was about to touch her, Orange Fu’s heart was sinking. She didn’t know if this orb would explode after hitting her, but she really could not avoid—

This thought had just crossed her heart, when Orange Fu looked at the arcane orb in front of her that turned into a…snowball?

She did not understand what happened until she saw the magician sitting on the broom reciting a spell to completely crush the snowball into dust. His voice in the team was extremely clear: “These arcane orbs are weak to control, freeze, stun, and slow skills.”

The damage dealers on the team instantly lit up. Can be controlled, this made it much easier. But at the same time, there was an arcane orb that they could not handle. It ultimately hit the player. The orb did not explode upon hitting the person, and there was not even any damage, but it threw its target out of the platform.

The name of the person in the team panel suddenly turned gray, indicating death.

“This fucking…” The silver crow who was tanking a lot of the Death God’s killer skills could not resist cursing. This ridiculous skill, at least the arcane orbs were weak to control skills, or else they simply cannot go on.

The platform could be barely regarded as a circular arena. Now they needed to run every ten seconds or so, because the black figure holding the sickle would occasionally summon a large expanse of ​​black flames on the platform. It was detrimental to stay inside the black flame for more than three seconds.

This kind of black flame would reduce the health according to the percentage of the target that was burned by it, 35% per second. Even if their health bar was extremely thick, staying in it for three seconds would automatically turn them into a corpse.

How big was the area? If the platform was divided into four equal parts, then it would cover three quarters of the entire platform. The position of these black flames was calculated. If it was random, there was a possibility that no team would ever obtain the first kill of the Death God.

But this was the first kill. No matter how amazing the commander of the regiment was, there was no way he would know these mechanisms. Therefore, when the Death God summoned the black flames, many names on the team panel would turn gray.

The BOSS would usually have three new skills after each stage. Till now, they had experienced two. The remaining survivors clenched their teeth. They had to at least bring out the third skill to be tested.

Softly chanting the spell of the magic star bomb, Gu Yan reached the 9 o’clock position of the platform in advance. He knew that this would be the safe area for the next black flames summoning.

In fact, obtaining the first kill of the BOSS, this kind of thing, Gu Yan really did not need his lover to help him, because he is a huge walking cheat.

Although the mechanism in the game was determined by the light brain, but when traced back to its source, these ridiculous settings and various pits were actually written by this author.

With his complete understanding of all the mechanisms, if he was not a cheat, then what was he? Only, this was the first run and he could not say what he knew. He had to wait until the party has been destroyed at least once.

He was also aware of the third skill of Death in the second phase. Simply put, three players, besides the tank, would be randomly thrown into another dimension. In this space, the three players would have to clean up all the mobs inside, and then defeat the Death God’s shadow clone in order to come out of this space.

Now there were not many people left alive in the team, and they were still in a state of critical health. Only one cleric remained and it was insufficient to maintain the health of the surviving players.

The black-robed Death God ruthlessly reaped the life of the surviving player. A short burst of scarlet light abruptly flashed in the darkness. At the same time, a portal appeared in the center of the portal.

Unsurprisingly, Gu Yan felt a suction force and did not resist because he knew that resistance was futile for this skill. There were only seven people left in the team, one of which was the tank, which meant, he had a fifty-fifty chance to be chosen. It was not surprising to be chosen.

There were roughly four seconds between being selected and being sent into the other dimension. Normally, these four seconds would be used to fill up the blood of these three selected players.

Ensuring that the three players to be sent into the dimension had full health was necessary to increase their survival rate in the space. After all, the person chosen may not necessarily have healing skills.

The three people who had been sent to this space were all in critical health, barely killing the mobs in the space. There were only two people left in the space.

One was Gu Yan and the other was the female gnome thief.

The shadow clone of the Death God gradually formed after clearing away the mobs and the wide black cloak held a kind of mysterious attraction to the other person. The handsome man with a grayish complexion moved, the black sickle in his hand was ruthless, reaping the life of the remaining thief.

When the gnome thief fell, Gu Yan had just finished chanting the spell for a magic star bomb skill. Of course, he didn’t have the thought of ​​being able to beat the shadow clone of the Death God alone, because it was impossible. Just deal more damage. This was always a common habit of players; to deal more damage even in the last second before death.

But when this magical star bomb touched the shadow clone of the Death God, the black figure suddenly glanced at him. His black eyes reflected his figure and Gu Yan’s eyes could not help but twitch.

He had a feeling…

But he could not think about it anymore, because his feelings became reality in the next second. He was hugged from behind by the black figure that had teleported over. Feeling the other person’s low body temperature, Gu Yan’s eyelids was jumping.

There seems to be a problem with the plot?

End of Chapter 64


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