TPWSTKMFFMI Chapter 68.1

Chapter 68

Translator: Kate from dummytranslations

Editor: Dragon_reader

Proofreader: Vivi 🙂


Fanart by kate yall~~

In the completely a dark room, a cold body stuck closely against him. The coldness that emanated from the skin under the robes was particular obvious against his own body.

The pitch-black eyes of the Death God were darker than darkness itself. The Death God tightened his grip on the warm body in his arms. After throwing out this question, he bowed his head to nuzzle the pale neck of the man in his embrace.

In this pitch black environment, it was no different from being visually deprived.

The reason why people feared the dark, was due to the fear of ‘unknown’. No one knows what might suddenly appear from the darkness.

Darkness was frightening due to the imperceptible and unknown factors, which was beyond the visibility of humans. Under such circumstances, familiarity would breed intimacy. This intimacy would be reassuring, making it easy to produce a psychological dependence towards one another.

So, in Gu Yan’s case, the one who gave him this sense of familiarity would be the one he was currently leaning on, the one who was nuzzling against his neck.

This inadvertent reliance made Gu Yan lean against the person holding him and it took him several seconds to respond.

The words, ‘not now’ that Gu Yan said when they were dungeoning, were caught by his lover. Would this count as having dug a pit for himself to jump into……?

Gu Yan understood what the other person wanted to say, but just as he opened his mouth to answer, something cool and soft pressed against his lips.

Carefully, gently… It seemed to be quite cautious, but it also did not allow for the slightest chance of refusal.

In this darkness, Gu Yan could not even see the outline of the person kissing him, nor could he see the other person’s action. He was forced to feel all of this, passively.

Looking at the youth in his embrace who had a dazed expression because of the darkness, the Death God narrowed his eyes slightly and gave the youth a gentle peck on his pale lips.

He knew those eyes could not see anything at this moment but that warm body had just leaned on him on its own…

There was no need to hear the answer. The dark-robed Death God pushed his cold tongue into the warm caverns of the human’s soft mouth, placing his right palm against the back of the youth’s head to prevent him from escaping.

The Death God did not stop his plunder until he heard the heartbeat inside the human’s chest increase rapidly, and his breaths became shorter. He retracted his cool tongue and he gently kissed the human trapped in his arms, allowing him to breathe.

There was no need to hear his answer because this person would not refuse him.

He thought so with utter confidence. However, in reality, the Ruler of the Underworld had not given the youth in his arms the opportunity to escape.

“Asa…. Qiuqiu…?” Having been pushed to the ground, Gu Yan was somewhat bewildered as to why the ‘ground’ was soft, but soon had no energy to ponder over such trivial issues.

The rustling sounds of their clothes rubbing together became even more obvious in the dark and silent space. So loud in this silent space, just like an echo travelling into one’s ears.

Without his sight, he had no way of predicting the other person’s next actions with his eyes. His adam apple was suddenly licked by a cool tongue, especially the protruding part which was brushed over heavily, causing Gu Yan to hold his breath.

However, the owner of the tongue appeared to not have been satiated. After licking, he even bit at the protruding laryngeal knot. His hands had not been idle either. They methodically stripped the magician’s symbolic robe off the youth.

His eyes were unable to see what the Death God was doing, but Gu Yan could feel the other person pull his belt away. A cool hand slipped inside and touched his waist, continuing its journey downwards.

“Don’t- hmm… Don’t randomly adjust the data.” The space was far too quiet. Gu Yan could hear the waver in his voice, it could even be said to be quivering in anticipation.

This sort of pleasure was far too intense compared to what it would have felt in normal situations. Clearly, the other person had barely begun his rapturous assault, but Gu Yan already had the feeling of…almost reaching the heights of ecstasy.

Through the deep darkness, the eyes of the black-robed Death God carefully observed every change in the youth’s expression, including the youth’s present appearance.

The youth’s eyes that could only reflect slices of darkness were not as clear as usual; the expression was a little unsettled, and the corners were slightly red. His whole body could not relax due to the dark environment that made him unable to see. So perturbed, that he had even unconsciously relied on him.

Knowing that the youth could not see, the Death God observed him without restraint. In fact, he really liked the appearance of the youth right now.

Depending on him, belonging to him……entirely possessed by him.

“I did not randomly adjust.” A deep voice suddenly sounded in the darkness. The black-robed Death God nibbled the youth’s ear as he said this.

Compared to his own body, the body of the youth beneath him was very warm. He could feel the youth’s body trembling slightly and knew the reason for this. But during times like these, he would not listen to the youth’s requests.

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