TPWSTKMFFMI Chapter 68.2

Chapter 68.2

Translator: Kate

Editor: Dragon_Reader

Proofreader: Vivi, foreverhungry, mimi


“This will make Ah Yan feel more comfortable.” Five times the sensitivity, it was doubled from the previous time. The supreme existence that governed this virtual world accurately observed the physical responses of the youth. He was able to determine that this level of sensitivity would not be unbearable for humans but merely enhance pleasure.


“Mmm—” A low moan that carried a somewhat nasal tone emerged from Gu Yan’s throat. Limpid tears flowed from the reddish corners of the dark-haired youth’s eyes, trailing down in drops.


Already, he had been deprived of his vision and had his sense of touch become extraordinarily sensitive. Now, his sensitivity was raised once more. When the black-robed Death God touched his skin with his cool hands, he felt a near-destructive pleasure spread rapidly from the parts that were touched.


Pleasure encroached his mind, and the expression in the youth’s eyes slackened even more. However the feeling of his body being penetrated pulled a sliver of sobriety back to him. Although, he actually did not wish for even this small bit of clear-headedness.


Amidst the dark, silent space, the sounds were magnified very distinctly.


“A-Asa…” The action of opening his eyes was futile. No matter how hard he tried, Gu Yan could not see anything. His body softened and his occupied mind could no longer think.


With both his sense of touch and hearing  heightened, Gu Yan heard that deep voice reply “En”, and in the next second, his body was filled to the brim.


The Underworld’s BOSS could look through the darkness, and watched the youth part  his lips to pant lowly. The slight reddish corners of his eyes were tainted with arousal, and his delicate countenance was extremely beautiful. He liked this sight very much.


But from Gu Yan’s perspective, if the person who entered him didn’t make a sound, he could only rely on the familiarity of touch to confirm the identity of the other person.


“Qiuqiu…” Extreme numbing pleasure ran along his spine to every inch of his body. Gu Yan did not know whether or not he made any other odd sounds when he opened his mouth, but he was certain that he had definitely spoken these two words.


It’s just that these two syllables brought the exact opposite effect than intended.


The frosty and handsome God of Death narrowed his eyes which had been gazing devotedly upon the youth underneath him. Afterwards, what only remained in the sealed off and dim space were the pants and low moans of the youth.


The rapid thrusts were seemingly endless. Unable to tell how much time had passed, Gu Yan merely knew that he was unceasingly invaded and filled again and again by the other person.


These waves of pleasure were inescapable; they piled up until Gu Yan forgot to suppress his own voice, while this voice delighted the supreme being ramming into him, causing him to grow increasingly wilder.


(The river crab crawls by)


With his chest visibly heaving, Gu Yan rested on top of the Death God’s cold body, making great efforts to calm his breaths. His vision remained blurred and he still could not ponder over any questions at that moment.


Once his breaths calmed and his eyes gained clarity, Gu Yan felt the other person’s inclination to have another round.


Sure enough, he had no intention of finishing so easily. Holding the youth above to sit on him, the Underworld’s BOSS once again began his slow but incomparably direct actions.


With a low moan, Gu Yan’s current state was basically—having given up any thought of resistance. Knowing that his lover would definitely not stop, he simply closed his eyes and laid on top of him.


However, not long after Gu Yan shut his eyes, he heard a deep, gravelly voice press close to his ear softly murmuring the two words ‘Ah Yan’.


This heart-swaying voice belonged to the demon race. At this moment, Gu Yan was yet to react. But the moment his hand was pulled up and placed on a horn on a head, Gu Yan instantly opened in his eyes.



Nevertheless, nothing within the darkness could be seen, just as before. With his mind continually being assaulted by destructive pleasure once again, he could ruminate no longer. Soon, the last glimmer of sobriety in the youth’s eyes waned again.


When Gu Yan woke up, he found himself lying on his living room sofa in the real world, covered considerately with a small quilt.


While a player played in holographic games, their bodies would be in a sort of resting state. But to have fainted in the holographic virtual world this way……Gu Yan’s eyes twitched just thinking about this.


He had probably been carried out of the game capsule by his lover after fainting. There was a wake-up alarm button outside the game capsule. When pressed, the game capsule would cease operating and open to the outside world.


Just as his tummy grumbled in protest, Gu Yan heard distant footsteps approach.


A handsome face with devilish beauty appeared before his eyes. Those dark purple eyes that were as dark as the abyss lowered to look at him. The owner of those eyes was discernibly in high spirits with slightly raised eyebrows that carried a sense of satisfaction.


Looking at the face with mixed features of the Abyss Demon King, Salos and Death God, Xiunuo, Gu Yan recalled the many moral integrity reducing matters he had done  with the other.


“……” Averting his gaze from that face, Gu Yan temporarily could not speak. However, he remembered one particularly important and serious issue.


[00, shield your vision during those times……it isn’t suitable for children.]


Less than a second later, 037’s voice which carried no emotional fluctuation  within it immediately rang inside it’s host’s brain: [Systems do not have any age.]


Gu Yan went silent: [Then, it isn’t suitable for systems.]




End of Chapter 68


Author has something to say:    En…because the comments were too unriver crab-like

So an even more river crab-like version has been revised

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