Chapter 7.1

Translator: Vivi from dummytranslations

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Under the request of the self-proclaimed medic, Eli cooperatively maintained his human form. However, the only reason why he did so was because Gu Yan had wanted him to cooperate.


“There does not seem to be much of a problem. Likely in half a month, he should be completely cured,” he said. The doctor who had rushed back from Figure Door Star looked at the results of the latest medical examination. Her beautiful face was stone cold, similar to a certain Heidis.


The daily examinations and check-ups had gone on for several days. After the session today, the adult Heidis still remained impassive and his expressionless face still showed no signs of change.


In reality, he had already started to recall certain things. At least he could now recognize the two people in front of him and their positions.


Those bits and pieces of his memory still cannot be completely whole at present. Having a fuzzy memory was not a pleasant thing yet the adult Heidis was still indifferent towards this…


He was very accustomed to enduring.


“The third prince said he will come and visit the commander later. Later on, the Commander just has to maintain your present state and it should be fine.” Evan nodded to the doctor before making this suggestion to his superior.


Their commander was still unable to deal with any work and would have to continue applying for leave. During his period of disappearance, he had already applied once. Imagine a person who used to not take a single leave all year round suddenly takes it continuously; it was bound to inevitably cause some people to become restless.


“Hai… amnesia. He is still not any cuter.”Looking at the handsome and aloof adult Heidis, the female physician, who looked rather young, said with some regret. She wanted to experience the feeling of spoiling her own nephew.


“Cough … Ms. Neilfi.” The subject of their conversation was still standing there unmoved. Evan coughed lightly to change the topic. Using the word ‘cute’ on their commander was too scary, okay!


At this time for unknown reasons, Evan suddenly recalled the docile cat form of his commander lying quietly on the youth’s lap…


When the youth rubs his belly, the adult Heidis’s response was not to attack but rather, obediently wait for the youth to finish playing with him before licking his fingertips.


Even though they are all Heidis, he could not understand Eli’s actions. The Heidis race has always been known as the most aggressive race, and even with missing memories, their innate characteristics will still be far from ‘docile’.


But in recent days, Evan observed the interactions between his commander and the black hair youth and realized that something seemed off.


The adult Heidis in front of him had placed the youth within his protection circle, not allowing anybody to even touch him as if carefully guarding him.


Ignoring their conversation, as soon as the routine medical examination was over, the adult Heidis dressed in the stiff uniform stood up and left.


Evan had a feeling he knew where his commander was headed. He has seen his commanding officer’s adoration for that dark-haired young man, unwilling to even let him out of his sight. He was extremely uh…




In his mind, the word suddenly appeared causing the excellent soldier to be at a loss. Pushing up his glasses, he couldn’t help but think, this word was extremely appropriate such that he cannot refute it, but he also found it difficult to acknowledge it.


His inherent three worldviews were once again under attack.


At this point in time, the person in question was lying on the couch … adjusting himself to a suitable position.


It’s not soft enough. Thinking of this, Gu Yan turned over and onto his side.


It was still uncomfortable. Giving up, he adjusted back once again. Wishing the bed was a little higher, Gu Yan continued to lay there staring at the lamp on the wall.


The Heidis race does not need sleep, something like a ‘bed’, the whole empire does not have. It has been a long time since he had a proper sleep, Gu Yan thought sullenly.


Why on earth did he have to dig such a pit for himself?


Staring at the chandelier, Gu Yan got lost in thoughts and wanted to sigh when he felt a weight on his legs.


He almost blurted out the two syllables of “Qiuqiu”, but corrected himself just in time with the right name: “Eli.”


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  1. Thanks for the chapter!
    The QiuQiu is killing me, lol. The sound of the name, even without the meaning, is supremely adorable & perfect for a kitten. ML is starting to remember, but there is no change in the level of possessiveness or attitude.
    & seriously, no beds! No comfortable stuff! They are supposed to be cats, & cats like comfort. MC, you were really cruel when you created this race.

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    *Ahem* excuse me I’m going to build a castle now, camping with a tent is very uncomfortable.
    Who wants to join? Camping with a castle, I have wifi, food, beds, and fluffy blankets. *coughjointhedarksidecough*


    I need my daily dose of fluff 😆😆😆😆

    Thank you for the chapter!

    Gu Yan I feel your pain, without a fluffy and bouncy bed, I would die. I will pray for you Gu Yan but at least for the time being you could *COUGH* sleep *COUGH* with your fluffy husband, tell him to be your fluffy bed or something. For sure he would gladly accept that ( ͡° ͜ʖ ͡°)

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