Chapter 7.2

Translator: Vivi from dummytranslations

Editor: Vivi 🙂 🙂


The big cat let out a low meow in response. The silver-tiger tabby cat treaded carefully on the youth’s lap; it knows that this part could withstand its weight.


The adult Heidis stretched out his front paws to touch the youth’s belly. It was slightly soft and not at all strong. Hesitating, it still did not lie on the top of his stomach and opted for the youth’s legs instead.


The silver tabby cat that had been stepping on him just a second ago now quietly laid in his lap, looking extremely obedient…


Gu Yan does not know why Eli had to use his front paws to touch his abdomen. He habitually used his arms to pick up the cat that was on his legs and lifted it onto his chest.


In this position, it was more convenient for the cat to move and also warmer. It must be said that although the current weather on the planet was not cold, it was still quite a bit cooler than where he came from.


The low grunts continued for a good while whenever Gu Yan’s fingers touched the adult Heidis.


The big cat swung its tail slowly, thinking of coiling around the young man’s wrist just like before. However the hand that was playing with his ears was out of reach.


The two ears that were being fiddled could feel the warmth from the youth’s palms. The adult Heidis quietly lying down narrowed its eyes and twitched its ears slightly in response.


Lying in this position, the youth’s neck was extremely close to it. Just a little lower and he could rub it.


From where he laid, the adult Heidis  quietly watched his human, silently gazing at him for a good while. Seeing that the youth did not try to push him away, he slowly lowered his head to lick the pale white neck.


The smell that he leaves on this body always seems to fade after awhile causing this adult Heidis to feel very dissatisfied. Time and time again, he had to repeatedly carry out this process.


The smell left from merely rubbing his head against his neck was too mild. Licking would leave a more lasting mark.


Being continuously rubbed and licked by the cat, Gu Yan’s lips curved slightly upwards. Too itchy … Moreover as a cat fanatic, he simply had no resistance towards a cat that was acting spoiled. His rationale regarding the original identity of this cat had been completely tossed out of the window.


Originally, due to a lack of sleep Gu Yan had been spacing out. Touching the feline, Gu Yan felt happy once more. He sees the tail slowly straightening up and hesitated for a second before giving up any resistance and continued to stroke it.


Just as he made contact, Gu Yan heard a low meow from big cat that was near his own neck. The next second, the hand that he reached out was hooked by the tail. Without waiting for him, the tail moved his own hands to stroke his body.


Watching the cat lazing on his body suddenly made Gu Yan recall something. If it was the Qiuqiu at home, this extent of coquettishness only means he is…


“……Uncomfortable?” Gu Yan paused, allowing the cat’s tail to half hook his left hand and gently stroked the big cat’s back with the other spare hand.


Whenever Qiuqiu fell sick, it will become extremely clingy. Although he was usually already very clingy, it became even more so when it was sick. It will use various ways to attract his attention … and the sound of his purring will become different, a little deeper than usual.


“Meow.” The Heidis gently lifted its head and rub the corner of the youth’s lips.


This series of actions happened very quickly and before Gu Yan could react, he already saw the big cat tilt its head slightly to gaze silently at him.


It wasn’t easy trying to restore one’s memories. For an average person, it could even be described as painful.


Fragmented and chaotic memories can cause people to become frustrated. The adult Heidis lying on the youth was accustomed to being patient and this degree of pain was not unbearable for him. However, to be coaxed by such soothing means, he suddenly did not want to be patient anymore…


“Good boy…” it seems like he really wasn’t feeling well. Gu Yan guessed as he continued stroking the big cat’s back more gently. He no longer pushed away the Heidis that was currently kissing and licking at his chin and the corner of his lips. All his attention was on thinking of how to comfort this big cat.


It looks like this ‘ discomfort ‘ will let the youth become unwilling to reject him. Feeling the youth’s soft and warm palm stroking along its spine, the adult Heidis narrowed his vertical pupil. It seems to have learned something new today.


After re-marking his human with his smell once more, the adult Heidis finally let out a satisfied meow.


In those fragmented memories, this ignorant adult Heidis vaguely remembered that there seems to be a way to let its smell linger on this human’s body longer…


A more lasting mark than any kiss.


End of chapter 7


T/N: 7 Chapters in, I’m starting to think the author has an extreme obsession with cats. I mean I feel like all they’ve done right now was just licking and purring and showing off his possessive ML side. I guess its cute but I’m starting to run out of words to describe them without seeming too repetitive. Im gonna cry ;-;;

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47 thoughts on “TPWSTKMFFMI Chapter 7.2”

  1. Thanks for the new chapter you are the best!!!

    Also, don’t worry about been a little repetitive; the novel is awesome, your translation is great so who cares if some descriptions are repeated? So don’t worry about it and again thanks for your awesome work translating this novel nwn

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  2. Thanks for the chapter!
    Cat fanatic, meet cat. A match made in heaven.
    & yes, the author does seem to have a serious passion for cats lol. Don’t worry about repetition. We are having so much fun, with all the marking, possessiveness & adorableness. Can’t wait to see what the next step is… 😁

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  3. Reading this makes me tear up. I had a male grey tabby cat that I took in as a pet when I was a small kid. My neighbor’s cat gave birth to a litter of kittens and that cute tabby kept on hanging out at my place. One day, we decided to take it considering how our house has become like a second home for it. But mostly, it was because I begged my parents to adopt it. Iove it very much. When we moved to another house, we brought it with us. I remember during the first week at the new house, it was super terrified! It hid under my bed refusing to go out! My tabby would sleep on top of my blanket when I sleep. When I’m in a bad mood, I like playing with it. It was a very picky eater. Steamed fish was it’s favourite. Cat crackers? No way! A very pampered cat it was. Its fur was so pretty and smooth and shiny! It was always there to put a smile on my face. Sadly on February, during my second year of secondary school, it died bitten to death by dogs. It was sick and that night, I was not in the mood to take care of my cat.
    I wanted to watch anime. So , I sent it out. Worst decision ever. I hear dogs barking that night as I lay in bed. I had a bad feeling that night, but brushed it off. The next after school, my mum broke the news to me. I cried the most. That was almost 6 years ago, but till this day, we hadn’t taken in another cat. Cats still hang out at our place, but I never take the initiative to get too close to any. A bit of petting and giving food to it? Of course. I feel like betraying my kitty if I take in another cat. And also, I don’t think I can handle the death of another cat. I’m sorry for the rant. Reading this makes me miss my cat so much!!! I never told anyone about this, as after my crying session I didn’t talk about it to my parents or friends. I just ignored it. Thank you and sorry…

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    1. My condolences, but I hope you’ll start opening yourself up to cats hopefully again in the future. You”ll see that they all deserve your love, its fine too if you are unable to I understand :’) for now just enjoy this cute story~

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  4. The cat is learning to train its human, as all cats do.😍😉

    Hell, if the Heidis invade in their cat-form the humans will surrender and worship them. Humans are pre-programmed to worship cats and dogs are our friends. 😂

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  5. I wonder what way.. (Smirks)
    And haha, yes a total cat obsession but I like it, I love cats and I feel that I’m a old cat lady in the making..
    Thanks for the chapter!

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  6. don’t worry about being repetitive, we are just glad you’re bringing us this cute and wonderful book/translation? anyway, thanks! maybe try using a thesaurus? there are some good online ones


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