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Chapter 77


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He was sticky and clung tightly onto Gu Yan, it was completely impossible to pull him off. Elves had very smooth skin. Gu Yan clearly realised this the first time he pinched the other person’s cheek.

He couldn’t find a single blemish on the crystal jade-like skin. The elf’s body temperature was slightly lower than average, but it was unlike the coldness of the undead. Rather, it was only slightly cool.

While wearing an indifferent and self-restrained expression, but doing this kind of sticky action, the silver-haired elf seemed very experienced in the art of changing topics.

Aware that this vessel held great advantage over Gu Yan due to its supreme appearances, Asa made complete use of this advantage to stare into the eyes of the youth, kissing him and softly whispering his love at the same time. 

The human race had low resistance towards such beautiful things. Keenly detecting the youth losing his focus for an instant, Asa could almost confirm this point.

The hand pinching the elf’s left cheek unconsciously loosened up and let go. Only after several seconds had passed that Gu Yan noticed that he had fallen into a daze.

…Beauty leads people astray.

Supple silver hair hung down; facing the silver-haired elf at the pinnacle of beauty, using his liquid amber eyes to focus his gaze at someone, there was no one who would be able to reject him.

Gu Yan was that someone right now.

The elf stared at the only prey he had ever wished to capture, his line of sight weaving itself into a dense net that firmly restricted his prey, not giving him any chance to resist or escape.

Gu Yan’s lips were licked and nibbled, yet he remained in a frightened and dazed state. The pair of amber eyes carrying both light and shadows kept breaking his line of thought.

Wrong…This development is all wrong…

Wasn’t he supposed to settle accounts with the other person for pretending to be asleep? How did it become like this…?

With difficulty, he recovered a bit of his clear-minded will constrained by that pair of vibrant amber eyes. Gu Yan tried to push at the silver-haired elf that was sticking to him but was naturally unable to push him away. Thus, he could only force himself to maintain calmness in his tone as he asked, “Didn’t you say that you were going to give me a holy artefact?”

Hearing these words, the elf stopped biting him and narrowed his eyes, staring at the pair of lips that had turned different shades of pink. As he had only bitten the lower lip, his upper lip was only a pale shade of pink while the continuously bitten lower lip had turned a crimson shade of red.

When he heard the youth’s breathing grow heavier once again, the silver-haired elf lowered his head. His breathtakingly pale gold pupils were filled with indescribable mystery.

“En, I will give to Ah Yan.” The Elf’s voice resembled his cold and aloof appearance. His voice and appearance were like a pool of icy cold water, but his actions completely contradicted it.

“The Holy Artifact is related to the Tree of Life. This is not a lie.” He pressed the youth against the Tree of Life’s trunk; the silver-haired elf had been wanting to do this ever since he noticed the youth’s horror and despondence.

Restrict him, get rid of the extra belts and robes that were in the way, watch him, and then enter him.

“This Holy Artifact, will Ah Yan use yourself to conduct an exchange?” Depending on the superiority of this body, the silver-haired elf leaned forward until their foreheads touched. At this close proximity, the pair of golden-coloured eyes clashed against the human’s dark-coloured ones.

Stunned by this beautiful face, Gu Yan in his stupor could only utter a small ‘en’ nasally. It was so soft that he himself could not hear it.

However, this sort of answer was too important. The one who took the initiative to demand would naturally not miss it. The youth before him had willingly promised. The silver-haired elf lowered his eyes and bit the youth’s pale lips once more.

The pair of golden irises across his face was too stunning, Gu Yan was momentarily unable to tear his focus away from the beautiful pair of eyes that were fixed on him, and did not regain his senses until he felt a tree branch touch his skin.

The holy Tree of Life was emitting a faint glow, and behaving like that time when it was protecting the silver-haired elf. Its branches gradually extended in a non-threatening manner towards the youth, and at the same time, did not allow any possibility for the human youth to escape from its tight prison.

By the time he finally realised what he had agreed to and the things that were happening, Gu Yan immediately and decisively opened his mouth to take back his words.


The moment the youth opened his mouth slightly, the silver-haired elf instantly pressed his own lips against them, taking the chance to push his tongue inside deeply. The silver-haired elf had no intention to allow this precious prey he had caught by intrinsically setting up a trap, any chance to escape.

With both his hands bound and his mouth firmly sealed by a deep kiss, Gu Yan could only pant heavily and gasp for air as he lowered his gaze. He somehow felt that the belt around his waist was being pulled away and that the person pulling away his belt was not the silver-haired elf, but rather, the Tree of Life’s branches that had reached over.

“Ah Yan has already promised me that you’ll exchange yourself for it.” Pulling away his belt, it was easy to strip off the robes from the magician’s body. Licking his throat, the silver-haired elf’s expression was still as unchanging as ever; cold and aloof.

The Tree of Life was clearly emitting a faint and warm glow, but under the silver-haired elf’s orders, it was actually stripping away the youth’s clothes. Gu Yan, whose clothes were being taken off, heard the elf’s words and was temporarily rendered speechless.

Accompanied by the small and slightly nasally sound emitting from his throat, the cool branches of the Tree of Life slowly crawled under his sleeves. The entire way, it gently caressed the skin around his hands, and a strange yet numbing sensation lingered over the places that were touched. This caused the bound youth to feel weak and soft all over.

At this time, the advantage of being tightly restricted could clearly be discerned. With the youth no longer able to stand on his own, the Tree of Life’s branches that were wrapped around him and binding him could hold him more securely in place.

The branch drilling into his sleeves was extremely gentle, but no matter how gentle it was, Gu Yan could clearly feel that it had reached the front of his body.

“Stop…” The moment he spoke, Gu Yan immediately clamped up, because if he did not do so, he had no doubt that a low and unsteady moan would escape from his mouth.

Under such a situation where his body’s sensitivity had been increased several times, the silver-haired elf that was kissing the youth’s neck could easily feel the body in his embrace trembling. Even his breathing had become hard and rushed.

The way the tree branch brushed across his skin, and the cool feeling that it carried made Gu Yan completely unable to gather his wits. Especially when it swept back and forth at that place, it caused him to involuntarily tremble from the numbing feeling. Gu Yan’s gaze that could originally be considered somewhat clear, gradually lost focus.

The Tree of Life was the Elves’ sacred tree. This was common knowledge but the branches that were caressing his skin were at this moment, secreting a cold and sticky fluid. This realisation made Gu Yan widen his eyes in disbelief.

Gu Yan was 100% sure that the original Tree of Life’s did not have such a… setting. This sort of thing was definitely his lover abusing his power to secretly create such a plot device.

It was pretty evident that his family’s lover was very adept at this act of abusing his power to create and change the game’s setting so freely. As the repeated victim of such actions, Gu Yan expressed that he had no interest in engaging in such blatantly immoral and shameful play, okay!

[Censoring System’s view in 3,2,1…] Strictly adhering to its family’s host’s instructions from before, the System finally perceived the current situation to have reached the stage of ‘System is not allowed’. 037’s message expressionlessly sounded in its host brain.

The duration of censorship was set to half a day, it should be enough. At the last second of activation, 037 calmly thought about it.

Hearing his system’s voice in such a situation, his shame instantly sky-rocketed. Gu Yan actually wanted to say that the next time system was activating this protocol, it did not need to issue a reminder-

[Okay.] Hearing its host request, 037 quickly replied.

Gu Yan: …

[Censor sounds too.] Gu Yan felt that he heard the sound of his moral integrity shattering once more.


Distracted for a moment while he was speaking to his system, Gu Yan quickly discovered that he was no longer able to think of anything else because the feeling of being entered was too clear. The elf’s pale fingers were stained with the cold and sticky fluid, which was now being creatively used as lubricant.

When he felt that it was almost enough, the silver-haired elf pulled out his fingers. In the next second, Gu Yan felt his body being filled to the brim.

But right at this moment, when he was being truly penetrated, Gu Yan used his last bit of rationality to think of a problem ——

Wasn’t the Holy Relic originally his quest reward, why was he exchanging himself for it?

(Anyway it’s just a river passing by——)

Savouring his precious prey’s delicious taste, the silver-haired elf’s expressionless face revealed a satisfied expression that did not quite match with his features. But even if it were contradictory to his appearance, this sort of satisfaction as he narrowed his eyes in pleasure made the elf’s intimidating beauty even more prominent, attracting anyone who laid their eyes on him.

With both his arms released, the branches that were wrapped around his body also gradually retracted. Gu Yan completely lost the ability to support himself upright but his waist was firmly held up by the silver-haired elf. When embraced by the other person’s body, he did not need to worry about falling down.

His entire body was soft without a hint of energy to spare. The beautiful culprit of the cause was in front of him and through sheer willpower, Gu Yan lifted an arm to pinch the elf’s left cheek.

“The Holy Relic is here. Ah Yan can complete your quest now,” The silver-haired elf’s eyes were narrowed as usual as he whispered warmly into the youth’s ears.


End of Chapter 77

Author has something to say:          River crabs passing by

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