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With just a glance, he was able to see that the youth wanted to run. The Black Dragon’s arms wrapped around his waist and with some force, rendered the youth immobile and completely unable to escape.

With his waist held tightly, Gu Yan couldn’t stand up, and thus, could only temporarily maintain their current positions.

He wanted to ride a dragon, but not like this! This position was all wrong!

Riding the dragon from the front, his eyes twitched, “Didn’t we just do it yesterday…”

The sentence did not need to be completed and by this time, Gu Yan’s expression had become somewhat unnatural.

The Black Dragon’s scarlet pupils were narrowed. Hearing this sentence, he replied with extreme clarity, [I want Ah Yan every day.]

Actually, it shouldn’t just be every day. It should be every moment.

Once, he had this morbid thought of locking up the youth in his virtual world. The world he had created; and use all kinds of methods to possess him. To invade him, all day and all night.

However, this was impossible. This was so because when it came to his most precious treasure, he knew that it needed to be treated with care and affection. These two feelings were more important than the mere greed of possession. Asa had quarantined this thought process and destroyed it in its infancy.

This was why the words that the Black Dragon spoke, was already extremely restrained in reality.

Gu Yan choked upon receiving this direct response. From the Black Dragon’s perspective, he could see the stiffness in the human straddling his body.

He decided, it was most likely due to the human race’s bashful nature that the black-haired youth in front of him lowered his eyes after hearing his words.

Gu Yan did not reject him. Having reached this verdict, the Black Dragon pulled his precious treasure in for a kiss.

Lightly biting and kissing the youth’s pale lips, the Black Dragon suddenly felt that the treasures he had collected were not enough. For these things to become accompaniments for his most precious treasure, they are far from enough!

Gu Yan was kissed into a compromising position by the Black Dragon and only threw one more line out before relaxing his body: […Don’t mess with the data.]

To his surprise, the beautiful and captivating Black Dragon in his human form nodded and agreed rather quickly with a low voice, [Okay.]

Obtaining his agreement, Gu Yan could relax. This way, he would at least be able to regain some clarity later on.

Of course, this was merely his own assumption.

Determined to fulfil his desire before he allowed the youth to become a true dragon rider, the Black Dragon flipped the black-haired youth and pressed him down onto the pile of treasure; changing their positions. He reached out a hand to latch onto the youth’s left hand, pulling him closer, and carefully licked his palms.

A dragon retained barbs on its tongue in either form, but these were much softer in their human forms. These barbs could not cause damage to the skin.

Gu Yan felt as if the palm where the barbed tongue had just traced over was burning and that area heated up quickly. He instinctively wanted to pull his hands back.

Unfortunately, the grip of the person holding his hand was not to be reckoned with. Even when he had abruptly yanked back, he hadn’t been able to move his hand in the slightest.

Just like the way the little cat’s licks made him feel, the Black Dragon’s tongue made Gu Yan feel unbearably itchy. But it wasn’t just a simple itch…

From his wrist downwards till his fingertips, the Black Dragon did not spare any area as it used its tongue to tease and suck the youth’s beautiful slender fingers. When he did so, he could hear the body under him gasp and breaths becoming messier.

The heat on his fingers seemed to spread rapidly until the breathes he took seemed to become warmer. Gu Yan felt as if his whole body was burning up.

The corners of his eyes reddened rapidly and the Black Dragon who saw this scene clearly was extremely satisfied with the results. Narrowing his eyes, he sucked on the long and slender fingers.

The Black Dragon released his fingers only after a long time, when he finally heard the youth beneath his body moan softly. Within a moment, he turned around and pressed the youth down with even greater strength.

Indeed, he had not adjusted any settings. Looking into the youth’s unfocused eyes, the Black Dragon continued to rain neither heavy nor light kisses down upon his lips.

The above scene was completely due to the Dragon race’s fluids that held a certain special property. As for the reason, it had to do with the dragon race’s nature.

Gu Yan was forced to complete a series of actions before completely losing the ability to speak. But this was not what made him want to run away and hide. What made him truly want to escape was when he found that the humanoid black dragon actually had two of…

[?!] His eyelids twitched. Gu Yan suddenly recalled an extremely crucial piece of information related to the Dragon race.

The Eastern Dragon had a snake-like body while the Western Dragon was often ridiculed as a large-winged lizard. But regardless, they both had a similar characteristic.

“It’s impossible…” Regaining his position on top of the Black Dragon’s body, he recognised the dragon’s unspoken suggestion. Gu Yan struggled to shake his head.

The Black Dragon narrowed its scarlet eyes and recounted in a low and hoarse voice, [Didn’t Ah Yan already experience it once?]

These words instantly sank Gu Yan into a blank daze. Previously, in that little black room…those immoral deeds…

Taking this opportunity of when the youth was caught up in a stupor, the Black Dragon used its actions to show him that it was, in fact, completely possible.

Having obtained his precious treasure made the Black Dragon satisfied and exceptionally docile. In this virtual world, be it a change of clothes or cleaning one’s body, they were both a simple matter. The youth’s clothes which had previously been torn to pieces regained their original form.

He maintained his human form and stayed amongst the piles of glistening treasures, holding onto his most precious treasure tightly and refusing to let go.

Resting his chin on the youth’s shoulders, the Black Dragon lowered his eyes to quietly gaze at the result of their oath. A legendary item that solely belonged to the magician class: Ragnarok

The Eyes of Vientiane, the Holy artefact and now, the Primal Chaos key. These three components made up the legendary chain quest.

Now, the magician was pouring magic to infuse them together until he felt his mana reach 1. He finally heard the clear sound of a notification alert: [Ding.]

A spellbook, even older than the one he had previously seen, suddenly appeared in front of him. On the cover, letters in a language, which Gu Yan had never seen before in the game, were engraved.

“Divine language?” Gu Yan reached out to gently caress the engraved letters on the cover. Since it did not belong to any race in the continent, it could only belong to the gods.

[En, it was randomly generated.] Asa’s voice replied gently. Towards the various languages it had created, it did not really care.

In order to increase the realism inside the game, Asa had installed a perfect language set-up for each of the races. However, to facilitate communication among the different races, it added a common speech between them which was the one that players used.

Randomly generated… Gu Yan grew silent for a while before quickly accepting it.

Taking ahold of the book suspended silently in mid-air, Gu Yan soon put away his old companion into his space and equipped the new magic spellbook into his weapon slot.

This legendary chain quest could be said to be over.

Many months passed by, and the next quarter season of the champion league was only a month away. Gu Yan had already purchased his entrance ticket.

Although he didn’t have any interest in participating in such events himself, spectating should still be fun.

When it came to competitions, there would naturally be gambles on the champion of the season. In the champions league, Gu Yan saw many familiar faces but the most familiar one would definitely be the least reliable looking Paladin.

The Paladin’s nickname in the competition was called Dark Mist. From the audiences’ perspective, he was not a good contestant for the trophy.

[Ah Yan wants to bet on him?] The world they were in was very accepting of homosexuals and they were a common sight. What others saw was Asa in his Black Dragon’s humanoid form with its demon horns hidden, resting his chin on the youth’s shoulders.

His lover’s tone seemed to carry some sort of hidden implications and Gu Yan thus, clarified, [I’m not betting on him, I’m betting on his whole team winning.]

There were many people who believed in the Dark Team’s chances of winning resulting in high monetary stakes on their team. As the author of this web gaming novel, Gu Yan was extremely clear on the winner of this competition.

At this moment, the protagonist of this world was still building his own team and would only appear in the next quarterly season competition. Therefore, the championship for this season would go to the Dark team, a dark horse of the competition.

[If I wager all my savings and lose, Qiuqiu has to provide for me in the future.] These words were simply meant as a joke, but the moment he said it, Gu Yan felt his lips being captured.

[Good.] He did not make any remarks on the youth’s decision and nodded with a low hum of acknowledgement.

He was willing to provide for his lover, extremely willing. So, when the results of the competition were revealed, Asa was a little disappointed.

He could stay in the game for a long time. Looking at the string of numbers just added to his card, Gu Yan thought somewhat lazily.

Staying in this world was rather comfortable. He turned his head to look at the person whose gaze had always been on him and meeting that pair of red eyes, Gu Yan raised a hand to lightly touch his head and rubbed.

The Light brain’s [Life] could be said to be immortal. However, although the person who came from the future could retain his youthful appearance for a long time, his physical body could not.

[Qiuqiu, be good.] Gu Yan smiled at his lover. At least, in the limited time available in this body, they could stay together.


E/n: RIP Ah Yan. On Ah Yan’s grave : He came… And he went.


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