TPWSTKMFMMI Chapter 22.1


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Chapter 22.1: Earth

The team’s coordination was extremely necessary before the perpetrators of this matter could be hunted down.


  The damage suffered by the troops was not too serious since the black machine that their commander had been driving had suppressed almost a third of the enemy forces and furthermore, a very powerful force joined in later on. It had caused the enemy’s defenses to collapse almost immediately. After the battle was over, the sergeants were all huddled in the main cabin of the mothership, talking while calming their nerves.


 However, once anybody mentioned the reconnaissance ship they had seen earlier on the battlefield, the entire compartment of soldiers would quieten down for a second.


  The reconnaissance ship’s purpose had always been to locate the enemy’s positions and provide intelligence for the main warships. Yet the ship they saw in the field just a while ago had completely thrown their understanding of everything into a mess.


  Have you ever seen a reconnaissance ship that would go into the main battlefield and fight head-on with a medium vessel?? The fact that left them even more speechless was that this reconnaissance ship had actually won.


  It took less than 10 seconds and in the end, emerged completely victorious.


  The expression of the Heidises in the main compartment could not help but turn a little weird when it comes to speaking about who this Recon ship’s pilot was.


  From a first impression, the dark-haired youth belonged to a lower race and coupled with his lack of vigilance, made him look very weak …

However, looking at the other person using a single reconnaissance ship to completely destroy his enemies …They had to admit that even the few master-level battleship pilots in the Imperial Army may not necessarily be able to do that.


  The battle-ship manipulator was a very heaven-gifted profession. Few people in the empire are able to pass through the Master level test and those who did were completely swept up by the military.


Being looked up to and served for a long time, these battle-ship pilots started becoming more and more arrogant, as though they were the only ones in the whole legion.


Because they were quite young when they were thrusted on such a high pedestal all of a sudden, they all became extremely proud of their own talents, owing to their arrogance.


  The Heidises in the ship’s main compartment felt that it was truly a pity that their colleagues had not been involved in this operation, if not, they would have been able to see the look on their faces after seeing this reconnaissance ship.


  If the other people could see the black-haired youth driving the reconnaissance ship, they know what a real ‘genius’ is.

After forming the teams, the troops began to pursue the ex-third Prince, Ivy Osrian.


  The reason for adding the extra word was that the treason he had committed was bound to strip him of his status after the punishment.


 However, the result was within the silver-hair officer’s expectations. They had managed to successfully capture the criminals and almost everybody was still on the ship. The only person missing, however, was none other than the most wanted criminal.

“There is a person by my brother’s side that I am very interested in. I hope that the next time we meet, brother will give him to me.”

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 In the command room of the battleship, a holographic image of a young politician was projected in the middle. He raised his brows at the person who had just entered the room, not showing the slightest bit of nervousness as a fugitive.


  The sergeants who had entered the command room with the silver-haired officer suddenly had a cold feeling that the surrounding temperature had plummeted drastically.

“Not giving.” The silver-haired officer said in a deadpan voice. He had no intention of joking at all.


 His words were clear cut and the expression of absolute rejection on his face was clear as day.


  What kind of man this half-brother of his was, Eli understood very well even though he had not have much contact with him.


  A madman who, as long as was interested in something, would stop at nothing to get his hands on it.


  Facing the holographic image, the cold faced silver-hair officer pushed the dark hair youth who was originally by his side behind him, completely blocking him from the other Heidis’s line of sight.


  Seeing the stiff black military uniform in front of him and that person’s ramrod straight back, Gu Yan who had just entered the room and not yet managed to see anything felt his eye twitch.

He had just finish coaxing this big cat after a long time and if that other Heidis were to say anything again, Gu Yan had a feeling he would have to appease this Heidis all over again.

Coaxing the cat was not an issue, the problem was that this cat would cling to him in various ways…

[The ship’s control has been regained by the other side, the system is now unable to control the ship, do you require the system to invade again?]

As soon as they arrived at this place, 037 thought about the task Gu Yan had given it. Does this count as having completed its task?

“00 you can rest first.”


  Gu Yan gave a negative response. The system had exerted a lot of effort earlier on to aid him. By right, his system should require rest now.


  He did not have to run anymore, so of course he did not need to control the ship.


  All the enemies on the ship had been taken into custody. However, at this time a sergeant brought in a little girl with short chestnut hair, the other main figure of this mission.


  ”Identity confirmed, this person is Freya Locker.” Doing a brief comparison with the picture, Evan nodded after pushing up his glasses. After their battle with the Sarian Army, their mothership had received a help signal from the Supreme consul of Pandora.


  The other party mentioned in the message that he had promised to confess everything, but hoped they would save his granddaughter.


  The little girl was still in a state of shock. First she was kidnapped and now, surrounded by a bunch of burly, tall men in cold black uniforms holding guns.


  But there was one exception.

“Hmm …?”

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